Can I get pregnant with only one ovary?

Under normal circumstances, women’s ovaries are one pair, one left and right, and the fallopian tubes are one left. If the ovary is removed, the fallopian tube on the same side will have no effect because there is no egg to pick up and transport.

If one ovary is removed, the other ovary will also ovulate, and it will still be pregnant clinically, but the chance of pregnancy will decline, and there is generally a 50%chance.

When the ovaries on one side are removed, and on the other side of the ovaries, it generally does not affect the hormone level in the body, or in a relatively stable state, and will not affect menstruation.If another ovarian function decreases, it will affect menstruation, and it may also affect normal pregnancy in the future.

Ovarian is an important endocrine organs that produce eggs and estrogen hormones. At present, the ovarian and fallopian tubes are currently removed. If the remaining ovarian function is normal, it can complete the reproductive and endocrine function of the ovary.Because ovarian ovulation is alternately, the ovulation is usually ovulated after the ovaries are generally removed. As long as the function of this side of this side of the ovary is normal, the follicles can develop normally and mature, and the impact on pregnancy is not great.

After removing the ovarian side, it is generally possible to get pregnant, but because each person’s physical condition is different and the personal constitution is different, it is still determined according to comprehensive factors.If you want to get pregnant after cutting the ovaries, you need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination before preparing for pregnancy.

It is recommended to monitor ovulation by doing vaginal ultrasound. For example, on the 10th day of menstruation, you can do B -ultrasound to check whether there are advantageous follicles, and on the 12th, 14th, and 16th day of menstruation, pass B -ultrasound to understandWhether the follicles develop normally.Most of the menstrual rules are about 14-16 days of menstruation, and the diameter of the follicles will ovulate when the diameter of 20mm is 20mm. At this time, choose the same room every other day, and the chance of pregnancy will be very high.

Therefore, even if the ovarian is removed, as long as the ovarian function and ovulation are normal on the other side, it will still be pregnant. Even if the natural ovulation is abnormal, it can also increase the chance of pregnancy by promoting ovulation.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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