Can I get pregnant after taking medicine?

Many young couples have doubts. I have taken medicine recently, took X, CT tablets, can I get pregnant?There are also couples who are being treated with various diseases or being treated with infertility, but those who are the biggest question are those who come to the hospital to see infertility. They come to the hospital for treatment, but they look at the medicine in front of them.Puzzle, can I have children during the medicine?So today we will talk about, what medicine do you take?Can you ask for a child?

As we all know, taking medicine will affect the development of the fetus, so many pregnant mothers dare not take medicine with a sick doctor, and can only watch the pregnant mother suffering.For the mother who is already pregnant, there is already a clinical explanation of the risk of medication in pregnant women, and the impact of different drugs on the fetus can be roughly judged.But what are the couples who come to the hospital for help?Do they have to receive treatment. Will these drugs affect men’s fertility?

As a reproductive male doctor, let’s talk about what are the major categories that affect male fertility,

This is just part of them, and more I have explained in detail in the article "Medicine that affects male fertility" in the previous article.of.Some toxic drugs in traditional Chinese medicine also affect sperm, such as Kunming Begonia, Ray Gong Teng, Rhubarb and so on.

For helping to improve fertility, traditional Chinese medicine has a unique advantage. At present, the progress of modern medical treatment infertility is to the progress of the auxiliary reproductive technology.Western medicine treatment is very lacking, and Chinese medicine still has advantages in this area.

According to the "Shennong Materia Medica", Chinese medicine is divided into three products "upper, middle, and lower". Among themIn the Zongmaru ", the sideline, wolfberry, and puppets are all good medicines for nourishing kidney and sperm, which can help the human body to enhance sperm and improve sperm vitality.

At the same time, there are Codonopsis, yam, astragalus, mulberry, raspberry, lotus seeds, lotus seeds, taurus, yellow essence, black sesame, walnut kernels, etc., even if the medicine can nourish the kidney, it is also a good product, it is also a good product.Fine, strengthen your body, but also use it under the guidance of a doctor. Do not consume too much.

Therefore, when traditional Chinese medicine prescribes medicine to friends who need to regulate the body, they are mainly Chinese medicines that are mainly toxic Chinese medicines. While adjusting the body while adjusting the body, the number of sperm and vitality will be improved. Normal pregnancyEssence

Finally, when the male physician prescribes medicine for helping friends, if there is no special reminder, they can be prepared normally, because in the heart of reproductive male physicians, they always have fertility to protect the string.inform.

Dr. Weng Haowei, the male department of Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is deliberate and understanding men’s questions

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