Can I get a fetal poison for pregnant goose eggs?Even if the pregnant mother is ignorant, don’t take the fetal treasure to be healthy

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After pregnancy, the careless pregnant mother will also become careful. For children, she can change from beautiful women to aunt for children.

Others say that the IQ of women during pregnancy is negative. Even if it is a matter of night, only one sentence is good for the baby, the mothers are willing.Following fetal poisoning is the saying left by the older generation, but you can get pregnant. Pregnant mothers can do their best to do it.


Xiao Zhao became pregnant soon after getting married, and the whole family was very happy after knowing it.The mother -in -law living in the rural hometown also brought her goose eggs from her hometown to take care of her life and helped her give her fetal.

There is no big problem between my mother -in -law, but Xiao Zhao has the least unbearable, that is, her mother -in -law asked her to eat a goose egg every day, and it was a boiled whole egg.After the water, it is said that it can be poisoned.

Because Xiao Zhao usually comes out on his face, her mother -in -law determines that Xiao Zhao is a constitution of internal heat, saying that people with such physique are prone to fetal poison, and the baby’s skin is prone to rash or acne.

Although her mother -in -law’s carefully prepared "fetal poison meal" made Xiao Zhao swallow, but when she heard the health of her baby, Xiao Zhao’s teeth were still forcing himself to persist every day.

But a month later, Xiao Zhao suddenly had a pain in his stomach, and his stomach was not good all day. The family quickly sent her to the hospital.

After the examination, the doctor said that the protein of the goose eggs is too high. Coupled with the water of the corn beard, the pregnant woman can not digest too much, which causes diarrhea. There is no need to eat it every day, which will only cause a burden on pregnant women.

After knowing the truth, Xiao Zhao regretted it very much and felt that his ignorance was harmful to the baby and himself. Fortunately, there was no serious consequences.

Pregnant mothers often hear the words of the older generation of fetal poison, and once you hear a certain way, you can believe it, but he believes that the rumors blindly will be harmed.

The saying of fetal poison comes from the people. It is generally believed that the constitution or cold constitution of pregnant women will have an impact on the baby.

Similarly, pregnant women who are considered cold will also need to supplement other foods, because in the concept of the older generation, pregnant mothers with cold and hot constitutions can easily produce fetal poison and affect the health of the fetus after birth.

But modern medicine has confirmed that there is no scientific basis for fetal poisoning, and pregnant mothers no longer have to believe in these folk rumors.

During pregnancy, it is indeed a special period. Pregnant mothers need to control a reasonable dietary structure in order to provide influence on the fetus in the abdomen.

1. Pregnant women cannot eat rabbit meat or mutton

The scope of this statement is very wide, because the opportunity of the previous baby’s lip cracking is very high, so people who do not understand scientific knowledge will attribute the reason to the rabbit. After eating the rabbit meat, the child’s lips will turn into the child’s lips into it will become the child’s lips will become it."Rabbit lips".

But in fact, the nutrition of rabbit meat is very rich, and the content of protein is much higher than pork, and there will be no problems with pregnant women.

Pregnant women cannot eat mutton because they are afraid of children’s epilepsy, because they have a "sheep", so mutton has also become taboos. These are no scientific basis, and they are completely ignored.

2. Avoid eating shrimp, crab or seafood

Chinese medicine in my country has always considered shrimp crabs and most seafood as cold foods. It is believed that eating these foods during pregnancy will increase the cold in the body of pregnant women. In severe cases, it will cause miscarriage.

In fact, there is no scientific basis. Seafood foods contain a large amount of DHA, which has a very important role in the intellectual development of the baby.These are only good and harmless to pregnant women and babies.

3. Avoid vinegar

The customs in some places are not jealous during pregnancy. They think that eating too much vinegar can cause changes in the physique of pregnant women, becoming acidic constitution, and it is easy to cause miscarriage or fetal malformation.

These are nonsense. The human body’s ability to regulate foreign food is very strong. Even if it is jealous, it is impossible to make your physique become acidic.

4. Do not use mobile phones, computers, television, network, etc.

This is a modern rumor that all these electronic devices are radiated. If you accept too much, it will cause fetal development abnormalities.

In fact, in daily life, we are exposed to these electromagnetic radiation all the time, but these radiation values are within the scope of safety.affect.

For these rumors, pregnant mothers should not believe it easily. Don’t blindly believe in all rumors when you hear that you are not good at your baby, so it will only be harmed.If you really don’t worry, you can consult a doctor or professionals, and don’t easily pay the "IQ tax" during pregnancy.

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