Can I exercise during pregnancy?What are suitable for exercise during pregnancy?

You can exercise during pregnancy!Do some exercise during pregnancy can not only relieve or eliminate discomfort during pregnancy, but also help production.

Compared with the traditional thoughts that have been pregnant before pregnancy, the benefits of fitness during pregnancy are becoming more and more accepted by the public, and it is more and more popular.In particular, the driving effect of celebrity pregnant mothers has a wave of "pregnancy movement".

Ru Chen Yanxi

Such as Yao Chen

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Scientific research has shown that these benefits during pregnancy exercises

Appropriate exercise during pregnancy is a good prenatal education, which not only increases the health of the pregnant mother, but also increases the blood supply of the baby’s blood and promotes growth and development.Essence

Although there are so many benefits of exercise during pregnancy, it is not possible to move!Decisions according to your own situation, exercise at different stages is also different.

Early pregnancy

The fetus is not stable enough in the early pregnancy, and the slowness is slow during exercise.At this time, expectant mothers can choose to take a walk. Don’t look at this sport simple, persist, which is very good for the improvement of the heart and blood vessel function.

You can also do some low -intensity nutrition exercises, such as broadcast exercises.But in early pregnancy, you should avoid trying.

Mid -pregnancy

At this time, the fetus is relatively stable in the uterus. Expectant mothers can do some light movements, such as swimming and pregnant women.

Swimming can exercise the big muscle groups of expectant mothers, at the same time strengthen the function of cardiovascular, and eliminate the problem of increasing body size.However, there is a need to have a sparring person to prevent cramps during swimming.

Late pregnancy

The motion of the third trimester is slow. You can do some stretching movements and hip exercises, which can help expectant mothers lay the foundation for childbirth.

① Consult the doctor.First ask the doctor to determine if this sport is suitable for you.

② Do a good warm -up exercise

③ wear appropriate clothes

④ no more than 30 minutes of exercise

⑤ The strength of the exercise should be appropriate

⑥ Try to replenish water as much as possible before the exercise

⑦ Avoid jumping and shocking movements

⑧ Avoid exercise when the weather is hot and hot

, After 4 months of pregnancy, prone lying exercises are prohibited

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