Can I eat watermelon with high blood sugar?Six secrets of eating watermelon without raising blood sugar

Summer is here, it is a good time to enjoy watermelon.But people with diabetes do not dare to eat watermelon because of high blood sugar.There are also some people who are afraid of getting fat. They feel that the sugar content of watermelon is high, and the sugar -raising value is also high.Can I eat watermelon in high blood sugar?Is the sugar content of watermelon really high?Let’s come with you today.

Can I eat watermelon with high blood sugar?

Let’s analyze it from the sugar content and blood glucose impact of watermelon.

1. Watermelon belongs to low sugar -containing fruits

The sugar content of watermelon is about 4%-7%, mainly glucose, sucrose and fructose.This is in line with the basic principles of eating low sugar -containing fruits.

2. The blood glucose generation index of watermelon (GI value) is actually not high

The blood glucose generation index (GI value) of watermelon is 72, which belongs to the fruit with a medium -high GI value.

GI is a indicator of blood sugar reactions after eating food.When high GI food enters the gastrointestinal and intestines, it is manifested as fast digestion and completely absorbed, causing glucose to quickly enter the blood, which in turn causes blood sugar to rise.Therefore, in general, we do not recommend that people with diabetes eat high GI fruits.

3. The blood glucose load (GL value) of watermelon is low

Just looking at the sugar content and GI value of watermelon do not determine whether diabetic patients are suitable for watermelon, they also need to further understand the blood glucose load (GL value) of watermelon.Blood glucose load reflects the glucose level in blood and the amount of insulin required after eating food.

To put it simply, the GI value is to determine the speed of blood sugar after eating a kind of food, and the GL value is to determine the degree of impact on the blood sugar level after eating a food.GL ≥20 is high GL food, 10 <GL <20 is medium GL food, and GL ≤ 10 is low GL food.The GL value of watermelon is 9.9, which is a low GL value.

Therefore, people with diabetes can eat watermelon without having to worry too much.

Pay attention to these 6 points when eating watermelon

Although people with diabetic people combine their own blood sugar levels, watermelon can be eaten.However, when people eat watermelons, people should pay attention to the following 6 points:

1. Do not eat more watermelon.The recommended consumption of watermelons for people with diabetes is about 2 or two.

2. The consumption time of watermelon should be between 10 am and around 4 pm.

3. After eating watermelon or other fruits, you need to reduce the amount of staple food a little bit.

The amount of staple food decreases, and the method of sugar content can be considered.For example, the sugar content of 100 grams (2 two) watermelon is about 12 grams, and 50 grams (1 two) rice contains about 13 grams of carbohydrates.Therefore, after eating 2 two watermelons, you need to eat 1 two meters less.

4. When blood sugar is unstable, it is not suitable to eat watermelon.

5. When the level of real -time blood glucose is high, it is not advisable to eat watermelon.If the blood sugar is higher than 11.1 mmol/L after a meal, do not eat watermelon for the time being.

6. The sugar content of the center of the watermelon is higher than the edge part. People with diabetes can choose watermelon near the melon skin.

Text/Dr. Ma Guansheng, Dr. Ma Guansheng, Dr. Ma Guansheng

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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