Can I eat spicy food during pregnancy?After reading it, you will know

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, the dietary habits of expectant mothers will change.Usually I like to eat, and I was suddenly told that I couldn’t eat it, and the whole person felt bad.Although there is no scientific basis for proven how to eat spicy food on the mother and fetus, this does not mean that the mother can eat spicy foods unscrupulously.They are all harmful and unhelpful.

During pregnancy, can expectant mothers eat spicy?

What should I pay attention to when eating spicy food?

Answer: Moderate spicy food will not affect the fetal treasure, and early pregnancy reactions will cause poor appetite. At this time, eating peppers appropriately can not only supplement dietary fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients, but also improve appetite.

The dangers of expectant mothers to eat too much spicy food

(1) Capsule can promote blood circulation, but for expectant mothers, it is easy to cause heartbeat acceleration and increase blood pressure, which is not good for the development of the baby’s baby and their own health.

(2) Specific mothers who are susceptible to constipation and hemorrhoids. Edible spicy foods are easy to increase constipation and hemorrhoids.

(3) The salt of some spicy foods is too high, and the intake of too much salt can easily cause the mothers to edema.

(4) Excessive foods easily damage gastrointestinal mucosa, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., causing disorders of digestive function, and affecting the normal nutrition absorption of expectant mothers.

Question mothers need to pay attention to hot foods to pay attention to

(1) Specific mothers with poor stomachs should not eat too much pepper.

(2) If the expectant mother has a history of abortion or a history of premature birth, it is not recommended to eat spicy food throughout pregnancy.

(3) If the expectant mothers have symptoms such as hypertension, constipation, hemorrhoids, abortion and other symptoms, it is best not to eat spicy.

(4) The salt content in the chili sauce is too high, and it may be added with preservatives. Specific mothers are best to eat less.

Eat spicy misunderstanding -bad appetite, pepper appetizer

Many expectant mothers come to eat some peppers when they have a bad appetite, thinking that peppers can appetite.In fact, excessive eating spicy can only destroy the nerve ending. Over time, it will damage gastrointestinal mucosa, cause chronic inflammation, and even symptoms such as vomiting, spasm, and diarrhea.

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