Can I eat spicy after pregnancy, will it affect the health of the fetus?

I believe many expectant mothers have heard others say that don’t eat spicy after pregnancy.Many sisters are struggling with doubts. Whether they can eat spicy after pregnancy, whether spicy food will affect the fetus, and for expectant mothers who love spicy food, they cannot eat pepper after pregnancy, which is definitely painful and suffering.

Will spicy eating after pregnancy affect fetal baby?In fact, eating spicy food after pregnancy will not only affect the fetal treasure, but also supplement nutrition.However, the 3 months before pregnancy is a critical period of pregnancy, and it is also the most serious period of pregnancy. Try to eat less or not to eat peppers. The irritating food can easily shrink the uterus. Eating spicy food is easy to get angry.

We know that the types and content of vitamins in pepper are extremely rich.The vitamin C content per 100 grams of pepper is as high as 198mg. Vitamin B2, carotene, calcium and iron are also rich in mineral content, which can improve the body’s immune function.

A small amount of pepper has nothing to do with pregnant women and babies.However, pepper contains numb nerves, which will affect the nerves of pregnant women and even babies. Therefore, when eating peppers, pregnant moms must be careful not to eat numbness and eat in appropriate amount.If you eat spicy food during pregnancy, you must also have a degree, not too wanton!Pregnant mothers should not eat spicy foods such as duck neck and spicy strips.

Too much peppers may also bring the risk of poisoning, because chili is hot, too much consumption may cause nosebleeds, skin acne, etc.Reaction such as stability, vomiting blood.

However, there are two types of mothers who cannot eat spicy. One is pregnant women with front placenta, and the other is pregnant women before giving birth. Such expectant mothers eat spicy food and may bring the danger of epilepsy and uterine rupture.Bar!

Mother -in -law should pay attention to: Don’t be empty before eating spicy food, it is best to eat pasta or hot soup to reduce the stomach of the stomach.Pay attention to boiling water to prevent constipation and acne.After eating spicy food, it appeared and did not adapt to go to the hospital for treatment for the first time.

If you eat spicy during pregnancy, you must master a small amount, appropriate amount, and quantity principle. Although the peppers are good, don’t be greedy!

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