Can I eat lychee during pregnancy?Although litchi is good, remember: Litchi 5 does not eat during pregnancy


I ate outside and saw a young mother holding a cute baby. She saw her to feed her milk in the middle of the way. After returning, I actually found that she was still drinking small wine.

Looking at the bright red lychee brought by my friends on the table, I think, I should still be older. Now I am young, and even drinking wine during breastfeeding. When I get pregnant, I have a guilty feeling when eating lychee.

Naturally, eating lychee is naturally no problem.

The litchi shell of the litchi, thin skin, thick flesh, crystal, crispy, sweet and juicy, and still very nutritious fruits. It is rich in various vitamins, sucrose, glucose, protein, calcium, and phosphorus.Inside, you can supplement so many nutrients during pregnancy.

① Eating lychee lychee can supplement energy.

The sugar content of litchi is very high, of which 66%of glucose and 5%sucrose. It can be said to be second to none in the fruit. Because of this, eating lychee can quickly replenish energy.

② Eating lychee can enhance physical immunity.

Litchi has a high sugar content and is also rich in vitamin C. It can enhance the immunity of pregnant women and make pregnant women less sick.

Vitamin C can also promote the absorption of iron, allowing pregnant women to better absorb iron.

③ Eating lychee can also promote appetite.

During pregnancy, gastrointestinal function is poor, loss of appetite, and lychee has the effect of promoting appetite, solving the problem that pregnant women do not want to eat.

④ Eating lychee can supplement some nutrition

As mentioned above, the nutrition of litchi is rich in nutrition. It is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, protein, glucose, etc. Eating some lychee appropriately during pregnancy can help pregnant women supplement the lack of nutrients.

Seriously, when I was pregnant, I was not particularly available. I was eaten by barbecue. The crayfish ate, Ice cream ate, watermelon ate, longan, and lychee also eaten.

Even after seeing the red, I went to the hospital to do a brief examination on the day of the hospital because I was worried that I could not eat lychee in confinement. I had no hospitalization to be hospitalized. On the way home, I bought a few pounds of lychee. After returning home, I let go of my stomach.

Therefore, if you encounter the season of lychee, pregnant mothers can eat litchi appropriately.

"300 lychee in the sun, do not resign as Lingnan people", "One riding a red dust concubine laughed, no one knows that it is lychee comes."It is normal.

But eating lychee during pregnancy cannot be chaotic:

1. Not a lot of food

Do not eat a lot of lychee.

Although litchi is good and rich in nutrition, pregnant mothers cannot eat a large amount of lychee. After eating a large amount of lychee, it will affect the intake of other foods, causing pregnant mothers to not obtain other nutrients required from other foods.

To put it simply, the stomach is just a little place. If you eat lychee, you ca n’t install other foods, and you ca n’t achieve nutritional balance.

Therefore, during pregnancy, lychee and other fruits, together with other fruits, it is best not to exceed 250g every day.

2. Physical is not suitable for not eating

Pregnant women also depend on their physical fitness. Not every pregnant mother can eat litchi unscrupulous.

Litchi is very sweet, the sugar content is very high, and it is easy to gain weight when eating too much.

Pregnant mothers with overweights eat a large amount of lychee, too much energy cannot be released, and they will become fat hoarding on their bodies, causing the weight to increase.

At the same time, it is easy to lead to too much weight of the fetus, which may become huge children, affecting the health and production of the fetus.

Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar should not be eaten. Too much sugar can cause the pregnant mother’s blood sugar to be higher, which affects the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

In addition, lychee is hot fruit. It is easy to get angry when eating too much. Pregnant women with fire in the body are not suitable for eating more lychee.

3. Don’t eat on an empty stomach

Some pregnant women often feel hungry after pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers are particularly easy to be hungry after the rapid growth of the fetus in the middle or late pregnancy.

At this time, you can eat something else to pad your belly, and you should not eat too much lychee at this time.

Although litchi is very sweet and sugar is full, it also contains acidic substances. Edge consumption can easily stimulate gastric acid secretion and easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort in pregnant women.

The most important thing is that because the sugar content of litchi is high, eating lychee on an empty stomach will easily lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar. Pregnant mothers will secrete insulin in large quantities, and blood sugar will be quickly pulled down, which will cause hypoglycemia. Pregnant women may experience dizziness in dizziness., Cold hands and feet and other situations.

This is the litchi disease we often hear.

4. Too many tricks do not eat

I have to say that people now eat more and more litchi style, and they can make lychee into various drinks and desserts.

And the season of litchi is very short. In order to better save lychee, they will put the litchi into the freezer. When the litchi season passes, it will be taken out.I can eat a few pounds for a whole year.

It’s just that pregnant women don’t need so many tricks to eat litchi. Just peel the fresh litchi to eat it directly.

Of course, it is also possible to make hot drinks.

And cold drinks or frozen lychee made of lychee, pregnant mothers are best not to eat, which is easy to excessively stimulate the stomach and intestines, causing gastrointestinal discomfort.

5. If you are not fresh, don’t eat

Litchi is very impatient. There is a text in the book, "If you leave the branches, the color changes in one day, the fragrance changes for two days, and the taste changes for three days.

The olig skills of the three or four days at normal temperature are already very new.

In addition to the bad taste, the fresh litchi may also breed bacteria. After the pregnant mother eats it, it is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat lychee to eat as fresh as possible. It can be kept in the refrigerator to refrigerate on the day of the day.

It is best not to put it for more than 3 days if it is stored at room temperature.

In general, pregnancy does not mean that lychee cannot be eaten, but litchi is not suitable for every pregnant woman. Just eat it according to your own physique.

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