Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?8 lie misunderstandings of the hair dyeing process

Hair dyeing is one of the most common means of modern makeup. It is to use plants (or chemical pigments to dye the color of hair into the desired color. It is one of the most common services for modern hairpots. The use of hair dyeing is mainly two:One is to cover up white hair in order to blackened; the other is to change the color of the hair with the mood, with clothing and makeup, fully show your personality.

Hair dyeing has become fashionable. Young people can change the color of black hair with their moods, and cooperate with clothing and makeup to fully show their own personality; and middle -aged people have to be dyed frequently because they continue to grow white hair.Some people say that they cannot dye their hair during pregnancy, so can they really not dye their hair during pregnancy?So what are the lies in hair dyeing!Let’s take a look at the eight major lies of hair with Xiaobian.

Lie 1: You cannot dye your hair during pregnancy

Facts: There is no scientific basis that it has been proven that hair dyeing chemicals can have any impact on pregnancy.However, for the sake of insurance, you may want to wait until the second or third child is trying to try it.Are there any other options?For only picking, the amount of chemical products should not be risky.

Lie 2: Benefits must be consistent with eyebrows and hair color

Fact: Not necessarily!The color contrast of hair color and eyebrow color is good.Remember a rule: If your hair color is light, then choose a darker color eyebrow.If it is dark, then it is lighter than hair.

Lie 3: You can wash your hair immediately after you do your hair

Fact: You need to wait at least 24 hours to wash your hair after you dye.Do not go to the pool within two weeks. The chlorine in the swimming pool will bleach the hair color, and the minerals will enter the hair to change your hair color.

Lie 4: Summer sunlight will make hair coloring

Facts: The light of the year and four seasons will cause fading, not just summer!If you know that you have to stay in the sun for a few hours in a row, then wear a hat or try to hide in the shadow.

Lie 5: Hair dyeing will show less hair

Facts: On the contrary -dyeing can make your curly hair look more heavy.Hair dyeing will increase the three -dimensional effect, and the color will increase the density and weight of the hair (except for bleaching hair).

Lie 6: Dyeing hair at home is terrible!

Facts: Now, there are many high -quality choices at home dyeing.Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully, but wear protective gloves.

Lie 7: The shampoo of the hair color is not so useful

Facts: The products designed for color care are worth investing, and in the long run, it can save you money.Because they are not only specially designed for anti -discoloration, but also help to restore the luster and moisture of hair.

Lie 8: Hair dyeing will permanent damage hair quality

Fact: When you dye your hair, the stratum corneum will be opened, which will be damaged.However, if you use the correct post -dyeing care (such as using a deep conditioning hair film once a week), even if the hair cannot be restored to its "virgin state", damage will be reversed.

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