Can I dye my hair and makeup during pregnancy and lactation?Does it have any impact on your baby?

Heart of beauty in everyone.Especially the young expectant mothers now have gone beautifully on the road of beauty for many years.Now because of pregnancy or entering breastfeeding, you must choose a path of clear -hearted heart.

Xiaoga is not reconciled. Now five months of pregnancy, from the back, there is still a Japanese cute girl, and the hair is currently popular chestnut brown. If you pay attention, you will find that a small hair on the top of the head has broken the hair.Layers.Although others can’t see it, Xiaojia who loves beauty pays too much attention to himself and is tangled about whether he should be dyed every day.Husband, mother -in -law, and her mother took turns to admonish Xiaojia that her hair dyeing was not good for the fetus, and she could not go.

I believe that many expectant mothers have similar doubts, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, can they continue to be beautiful, can she dye their hair, make makeup, and apply a mask to save the lack of sleep.

Let’s talk about hair dye. The ingredients of hair dye are mainly dyes, pH regulators and oxidants.Everyone’s worry about hair dye is mainly concentrated in dyes, fearing that chemicals enter the body through the hair skin to affect the fetal development, or affect the milk component.

At present, the National Society of Poishampology shows that there is no evidence to prove that hair dye will have a carcinogenic effect on people, but the 4 chloride phenyl amine contained in the hair dye may participate in the formation of cancer;Hair dyes can cause birth defects, but there is no evidence for the human body.

Nevertheless, for mothers during pregnancy, in view of safety considerations, you can tolerate a little. If you really want to dye your hair, you must choose a hair dye with quality assurance. Do not easily believe that pure plants have no impact.

For breastfeeding mothers, hair dye basically does not affect milk through the skin.However, it should be noted that the taste and ingredients of hair dye will stimulate the baby and cause the baby’s discomfort, especially the mother with long hair.It is easy to be stimulated.Therefore, if breastfeeding mothers want to dye their hair, try to avoid contact with the skin of the baby’s skin at the beginning of their hair.

Regarding cosmetics, everyone will find through the media that the stars are exquisite makeup regardless of their pregnancy and lactation during pregnancy and breastfeeding.When Princess Kate and Angelababy were born after they were discharged from the hospital, they made their hair and make makeup.

Cosmetics will basically not affect the fetus or breastfeeding through the skin.But it is worth noting that when breastfeeding mothers, when they are in close contact with their children, try to avoid the skin’s skin’s skin.

A mother put her baby on her body while applying the mask.The next day, the baby’s half -face face was covered with red rashes.When I went to the hospital for examination, it was seriously suspected that it was caused by the contact of the mask.Under normal circumstances, the baby will recover soon.But it is not ruled out that some babies will cause serious allergic reactions.

In summary, the beautiful mother who loves beauty can continue to be beautiful, but it is necessary to restore beauty and choose beautiful.

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