Can I drink yogurt during weight loss?Is yogurt decrease or gain weight?The truth is not clear

When it comes to yogurt weight loss, everyone is no stranger. Many girls like to drink yogurt during weight loss and say that they can play a role in weight loss.Is the yogurt really so amazing?

In fact, yogurt fat loss is the largest pit in history!Yogurt is a kind of sweet and sour milk beverage.The real yogurt is used as raw materials, which passes through Basus to sterilize, and then add probiotics that are beneficial to the intestine.After fermentation, make a sour and sweet yogurt.

First of all, the calories of yogurt are high.Secondly, the yogurt sold by many unscrupulous merchants has no milk in the ingredients. It is more of various additives, and the sugar is very high. After drinking, the blood sugar is very easy to gain weight.In addition, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt may be killed by stomach acid.In addition to adding calories and sugar to the body after eating, it has no effect on weight loss.

And drinking a lot of yogurt at one time can cause gastric acid to increase, easily make people lose appetite and destroy the electrolyte balance in the human body.The commercially available yogurt should look at the ingredients table, choose the pure yogurt of abandoned sugar -free, and see whether it is pure yogurt or a flavor drink before buying.Such yogurt is much lower than the amount of calories and sugar, which is more suitable for eating during weight loss.

A junior girl in a university in Hangzhou is about 1.6 meters tall, but weighs only more than 70 pounds thinner than most girls.The reason why she has such a slender figure is because she has always controlled her diet madly.In order to be thinner, she did not eat staple food and dinner, and only eating cucumber to lose weight crazy.She only lost 46 kilograms in three months.

According to observations, she hasn’t had menstruation for more than a month, so she felt abnormal. The family took her to the hospital for examination.The B -ultrasound showed that Xiao Zhang’s uterus was only as large as the thumb, had stopped growing, and various hormones in Xiao Zhang were extremely low.

After the treatment of Chinese and Western medicine, Xiao Zhang did not show signs of improvement.The doctor said that if you go on this way, you can only transplant in the uterus.It turns out that we muttered diet to lose weight every day is terrible. In addition to drinking yogurt crazy, what other often misunderstandings are often misunderstood?

This misunderstanding of weight loss is too late

1. Diet weight loss

First of all, you need to know that diet cannot lose weight.Although eating less or not even diet has a weight loss effect, the human body will lack nutrients and cannot meet their own needs, which will cause the body to lack nutrition, and the whole person has no spirit.The first unlucky diet to lose weight is the stomach. Long -term diet can cause the stomach to decline in operation and tolerance. If the long -term energy source is insufficient, it will cause damage to brain cells and lose intelligence and memory.

2. Enzyme weight loss

Enzymes have been hot for several years, but many consumers still do not know what enzymes are.True enzymes should first be liquid in shape, because only liquid is the most suitable survival of active enzymes, and can continue to ferment. True enzymes are usually achieved by conditioning intake and metabolic equilibrium.

In fact, everyone knows that if you can lose weight, why should those celebrities go to the gym every day and drink enzymes to lose weight.

3. Liposuction surgery can lose weight

Under the temptation of various advertisements and so -called popular science and commitments, some people are attracted to run to some medical and beauty institutions to draw lipids. There are various projects to meet people’s various needs, and almost a kind ofNew "Healthy Fashion".

The principle of liposuction is to suck excess fat from a certain part of the body through negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid local thinning, that is, it can only bring you the effect of visual thinning.

During the liposuction process, the head of the liposuction can cause some minor damage to the nerves in the skin, causing the skin to make a certain part of the skin, and the risk is very high.Therefore, there are only some special crowds, and the risks of irregular institutions are very high, not only will not become beautiful, but also risk of being disfigured.

The weight loss is healthy and beautiful, but it cannot be upside down, not to pursue those so -called deformed aesthetics that uses thin beauty.It is not difficult to lose weight. Believe that your perseverance can control your weight!

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