Can I apply skin care or makeup after pregnancy?The answer beyond your imagination

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Think of a friend before.When she was pregnant, her face was particularly dry, and she could see dry scandals.Asked why she didn’t apply some moisturizing skin care products, and answered that she was afraid of bad fetus.At that time, I felt that being a mother was really great. You must know that she was made of makeup nails before she was pregnant.

After I was pregnant, I didn’t want to apply any skin care products. I was helpless to be dry skin. The body became more dry due to the impact of hormones.So re -use the stop skin care products, no matter what harm is, it is really bold to come.

Can I apply skin care products during pregnancy?If you really do n’t want to face it, do you have to choose skin care products or something else?Can I still take sunscreen measures?Go a step further, can you continue to make up?

In fact, the answer is estimated to be unexpected by many people.During pregnancy, you can skin care or even makeup, and there is no need to buy special products for pregnant women.Just pay attention to the following forbidden differences.

Skin care products containing vitamin A (retinopol) and salicylic acid should be discontinued

Studies have proved that taking a large number of vitamin A can cause some harm to the fetus, especially orally.If you only contain vitamin A in skin care products, do not apply it in large quantities to avoid penetrating the skin into the blood circulation, which will affect the fetus.

Cleansing milk and toner are mostly salicylic acid.Salmonic acid has the effect of deeply penetrating the pores to clean the skin.A large amount of salicylic acid can cause fetal malformations and cause complications during various pregnancy.Especially the expectant mothers who usually have acne, most of your acne skin care products contain salicylic acid.

It is best to make makeup light makeup, wipe off before eating and drinking when you eat red

Many pregnant mothers have exquisite makeup before pregnancy. They are unwilling to remove makeup after pregnancy to show their face, but they are afraid of makeup affect the fetus in the belly.In fact, makeup generally does not have any adverse effects on the fetus. Only lipsticks are special. After all, lipsticks are easy to remove makeup when drinking water, and it is on the water cup and food.Because lipsticks generally contain a lot of chemical ingredients, it is best not to use it. If you really need to wipe, wipe it off before eating and drinking water, or choose a lipstick made of natural ingredients dedicated to pregnant women.

Even if you are pregnant, you can make up. I believe that many mothers will not make makeup, apply sunscreen, apply foundation, and draw an eyebrows.But even light makeup, pay attention to unloading before going to bed and breathing for the skin.


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