Can I "have a room" after pregnancy?Don’t be embarrassed, you may understand after reading it

Introduction: Can I "have a room" after pregnancy?Don’t be embarrassed, you may understand after reading it

I believe that every expectant parent has such doubts, that is, "Can I have the same room during pregnancy? Will it have a bad impact on the baby?"So, does the same room affect the baby during pregnancy?

In fact, love is an important aspect of maintaining the feelings of both husband and wife. If there is no sexual life during October, there are different rooms at a time, which may have a lot of impact.If you are not in danger of miscarriage, or vaginal bleeding for unknown reasons, during pregnancy, you can enjoy a moderate love and love life.Grasp the time period.

During pregnancy, women have different demand for sexual life.Some women’s demand will be stronger, and some women will be weaker. They are more worried. They are afraid that the same room will affect the development of the fetus, so they deliberately avoid it.

So, can you "have a room" during pregnancy?Don’t be embarrassed, you may understand after reading it.In fact, it is not a problem, but how to do it?When does it do?Of course, you can do the same room during pregnancy. How to do it?It is recommended to take a woman’s side lying on the side, and the man enters from behind, and his body is close to the woman.The advantage of this posture is that it does not cause pressure to the woman’s abdomen, especially suitable for post pregnancy.

How to do it after solving, and see when it is safer to remove and remove psychological factors, the couple can do more calmly.Generally, the first three months of pregnancy and the prohibition of sexual life within the first three months of delivery should be forbearing, because these two time periods can easily lead to signs of abortion and premature birth.In the second trimester, the husband and wife can live in an appropriate amount. Although there is no need for contraception, it is best to wear a condom to avoid pregnant women infection.In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, and regularly go to the hospital for examination during pregnancy.

Now, I believe you have understood when you can live sex during pregnancy, and you also know what kind of posture to use. In addition, you can go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis.Fetal brain development, one fell swoop!

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