Can eating papaya breast enhancement?4 rumors about women’s breasts, men and women believe it is true

Lao Liu has been diagnosed with many patients. When he communicates his condition, he loves to say these things: I checked it online!My friend said!I listen to others!Wait, often make people cry and laugh.

Especially last week, a young girl came to the doctor and said that she had eaten papaya every day, and now she wants to vomit when she sees papaya.Lao Liu asked carefully and knew that the girl listened to the Internet and said: Papaya can breast enhancement, so she is eating every day, and she is about to be uneven in nutrition. Finally, she is of course a science. Fortunately, the little girl understands.

The more developed the Internet, the more messy the receiving information is. How to distinguish the authenticity is indeed a difficult thing.But Lao Liu still reminds everyone that doctors are more reliable than anyone else.It is the duty of every doctor to defend health and drive away the disease!Today, the rumors of breasts that girls are most misleading will be sorted out for everyone, and I recommend collecting and sharing.

The first: papaya cannot breast enhancement

Not reliable!Not scientific!The size of the chest is affected by genetic factors, and it is inseparable from nutritional state and feeding habits.If a girl of adolescence wants to make the chest more plump, the best way is to eat well. When developing, ensure that nutritional intake is balanced. In particular, do not wear a bouquet with tight and unsuitable underwear.In addition, the signboards of massage breast enhancement on the market are also false, without scientific basis, and treat them with caution!

Second: Breast drooping must be wearing underwear

This is the pot of underwear merchants. In order to sell a few more underwear, those so -called anti -sagging underwear cannot fundamentally improve the breast sagging. FirstOne guarantee is just like we wear clothes, which is more beautiful.

The best way to relieve drooping is to exercise pectoral muscles!Breasts are attached to the pectoral muscle. In the state of strong thoracic muscle, the speed of sagging will naturally alleviate a lot.Insert a small knowledge here, do not wear underwear at night, compress the chest cavity, affect the quality of sleep, and it is not advisable.

Third: long hair with breasts does not need to panic

Many people watching the hair edge on the edge of the breasts feels very beautiful, but this is actually a normal phenomenon, just like feet, hand hair.There is no substantial impact on health. You can remove it yourself. Do not rudely pull it with your hands, be careful of folliculitis!

It is really worth noting the part of the mole. If the hair suddenly grows, the mole area is expanding, etc., you must check the examination in time.

Fourth: Breast hyperplasia is not much related to breast cancer

Breast hyperplasia is not inflammation, nor is it a tumor. It has the greatest relationship with endocrine dysfunction. Therefore, do not hear the hyperplasia and think that it has cancer. This worry is too much.When the level of estrogen in the body decreases, the breast tissue will slowly degenerate, and the hyperplasia will be relieved.Especially after women’s menopause, this situation will be greatly or even disappeared.

In addition to the above 4 points, there is another: it is not advisable to rule out the residual milk after weaning!The amount of milk will be completely from abundant to nothing. It is a natural transition. It is not recommended that people intervene too much!A small amount of milk will be excreted in the years after giving birth, which is normal!

Generally speaking, unscientific and unreliable practices often bring a counterproductive ending. Therefore, we must resolutely resist, care for health or we must start from a professional perspective!Move your hand, and share it with your friends if you learn ~ If you have any questions, you can comment on private messages. Lao Liu responded when he saw it ~

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