Can eating more black beans help pregnancy?Listen to the opinions of experts, it turns out so much

Finally, the official is pregnant!Let’s talk about my situation for your reference!

My pregnancy history is very long, but there are not many pregnancy preparation in the real sense. I receive a certificate for 13 years and the business for 14 years. I don’t want to have children too early at the beginning.As a result, at the end of the 14th, my father’s brain infarction entered the hospital, and I started running in Beijing and Jinan. I ran for more than three months, exhausted my body, and started irregular menstruation.

When the father was stable, he began to start with the child, but the aunt was always late, and the work was busy. He looked at it intermittently and did not take it too much.In 2015, my mother -in -law was also sick and hospitalized, undergoing craniotomy. In 2016, my father -in -law found gastric cancer … One after another blow, it made us even more concerned about children’s affairs … but occasionally took the time to look at it, because Western medicine is hormone drugs.So I thought of looking at traditional Chinese medicine, I asked her husband’s doctorate students to recommend her doctoral tutor to show me the doctor.However, this is the beginning of my nightmare. The menstruation was postponed for a maximum of one and a half months. After taking Chinese medicine for a maximum of three months, I did not come for a maximum of three months.From then on, I never believed in Chinese medicine … and when I saw Chinese medicine for half a year, the level of hormones was worse!Before watching traditional Chinese medicine, I was not a pocket. All the doctors never mentioned this. I saw that the previous B -ultrasound was not polycystral, but after a while of Chinese medicine, she diagnosed it.Later, did this versatile have to do with Chinese medicine …

At the end of 2016, the father -in -law died. After we sorted out our mood, we officially started to ask for babies, decisively abandon Chinese medicine, and re -see Western medicine!The gynecological doctors that I saw first, gynecological doctors suggested that I go to the reproductive department, which is more professional.After reading the reproductive department, it was said that the diagnosis was a lot of cycles … but later found that many reproductive departments were test tubes and artificially. After seeing it for a while, I felt that it was not suitable for me, so I was replaced by the endocrinology department.When it comes to the endocrine, I will count on the right track of treatment!

At first, I met a very irresponsible chief physician. I did not listen to me describing my condition or listening to the previous treatment plan. The attitude was not good.Two styles, patient explanations, basically answers, let me understand a lot of knowledge, and seeing a doctor is no longer a Yunshan mist cover, so I trust this doctor very much. I do what she said!Then I started to exercise and went to the gym three times a week.

Looking at the doctor at the end of July 2017, hormones were normal in November, only 0.08 high.I think exercise is very useful!Exercise is very useful!Exercise is very useful!IntersectionIntersectionEmphasized things three times!The doctor asked me to adjust it for another month. I said that I was very anxious and could I try to push the row. The doctor said that there is not much to try, but it may not be possible. The first step of the Long March, you have to prepare for psychological preparations!I just wanted to try it at that time. Before the hormone level could not be done, I couldn’t try it now, so I can try it.

So I tune the hormones for nearly a year, and finally started formal promotion!The doctor gave the pills and menstrual pills.Then return to the diagnosis according to the days when the doctor said, and detect the follicles. The doctor said that the follicles are very good. With a 2.2 × 1.72 advantageous follicles.No, so I had a needle breaking needle. The endometrium was a little bit worse, and the intrapedonous medicine was prescribed, and then the homework for two consecutive days was arranged.On the third day, I went back to continue the monitoring. The doctor said that the endometrium has been discharged and the endometrium has grown. There is no need to do my homework later. The doctor said: The rest is waiting for your good news!When I heard the doctor’s words, I was excited to cry …

Then I started the days when I was like the year. I have been uncomfortable since the ovulation. After ovulation, I was stunned in my stomach two days after ovulation, and I caught a cold once.Later, on the eighth day, the lower abdomen began to feel aunt, and his back sour and stomach pain. If you are a little uncomfortable, you can look at the Crazy APP.When I was anxious, I found that PLSZ can also test early pregnancy, and the time earlier, but some people on the Internet do not allow PLSZ. Maybe it is not necessarily pregnant even if it is deepened.Anyway, I was waiting, and I thought about pulling the remaining test strips down. From the beginning of the whiteboard, I slowly had a powder and seal. I felt hopeful at once, and I felt much better!Therefore, even if it is not accurate, I can restore the anxious mood in the early stage to measure weak Yang. I think it is still helpful.

Later, I was on a business trip, and I did not test it for a few days.On the afternoon of returning to Beijing on the afternoon, my stomach hurt suddenly, and I continued for a while. After ovulation, my stomach had been faintly painful. This time I was so scared. I quickly found a local three -level hospital near the train station.Doing a blood test, at this time I was ovulation on the 12th day.But because I went late, the doctor was off work when the results came out.So after returning to Beijing, I took a test sheet with a blood value 14.12 and found the deputy chief physician I trusted. I thought that the value was more than 5.3 that I was pregnant. As a result, the doctor said that I tested too early, the value was too low, and the value was too low.Can’t fully judge, let me come back a week later to check again!

It was anxious to wait, and I started various test paper again:

Ovulation on the 13th day zzy whiteboard PLSZ weak yang

Ovulation on the 14th day ZZY thought gray PLSZ is not tested

Day 15, ovulation, ZZY Gray Seal PLSZ Qiangyang

Ovulation on the 16th day ZZY weak yang PLSZ Qiangyang

Ovulation on the 17th day ZZY Weakang Deepening PLSZ Unbridden

Ovulation on the 18th day ZZY Weakang Deepening PLSZ Unbridden

On the 19th day of ovulation, ZZY weak yang did not deepen PLSZ, unpredictable

Seeing that every day is deepening, I can rest assured!When it was deepened, I was particularly worried that the biochemical and ectopic pregnancy would be possible. As soon as I saw ZZY’s gray bars turned into a pink bar, I suddenly left my troubles!I am confident, the baby must be here!

The first picture is the change of PLSZ, the second is ZZY change, and the third and fourth is a blood test report separately apart from one week.

There are so many feelings: First of all, the mood is very important, don’t hold too much hope, let it go naturally, and do it well. The rest is the fate with the baby. I think what I do beforeIt’s too torment, it’s too difficult to do it … Although PLSZ measures the accuracy of early pregnancy, it can be measured every day to help disperse energy, so that there is nothing to do during the time when ZZY did not respond.It’s important to exercise!Persist in running, or walk quickly, and the skipping rope is also good, helping to regulate hormones and ovulation!There is also the magical effect of black beans, which helps to increase the estrogen and promote ovulation. Now the doctor specifically instructed to eat complete black beans, that is, cooking, porridge, or salty food.Reliable doctors are really important. I don’t think you want to change the doctor frequently as me at the beginning. Selecting a reliable doctor will always be successful. Before choosing a doctor, you can check the reputation of this person online.In this way, some websites on the Internet now have the function of scoring the doctor for the doctor. You ca n’t believe it, but you still have reference value, and then combine the experience of you to consult to determine whether to continue to choose her!I coordinate Beijing, and sisters who need it can trust me privately and recommend my doctor to you.I wish you all a good thing, get pregnant as soon as possible, and live a good year!

In the end, I also wanted to thank my husband and mother -in -law. They did not put a lot of pressure on me. My husband even did not give birth. If you ca n’t give birth, you ca n’t give birth.My mother, I often call my family, my mother is the most anxious …

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