Can eating black beans help pregnancy?In fact, this is what really helps you pregnant!

Text | Mo Yu

If a married woman has not been pregnant for a few years, she may be gossip behind her relatives or neighbors.Being a healthy and lively baby is desire for everyone.

But sometimes the more you want, but how can you not be pregnant, let the couple in the pregnancy be under tremendous pressure and impact. Is it your own problem or the reason?

Yesterday, I saw Tingting’s circle of friends. Although she did not say that she was pregnant, she looked at her dress and state and was full of pregnancy. An experienced person knew that she was pregnant at a glance.

Tingting said: "I have been preparing for pregnancy after marriage, but I have been very bumpy. We have run all over major hospitals, but we have never been able to conceive. Later, listening to others said that eating more black beans can improve fertility.But in order to have a baby, I have been insisting. "

I have eaten for more than a month, and I have maintained good eating habits and exercise during the period.Unexpectedly, I can get pregnant, black beans are amazing!

Sweet: I have been preparing for 3 years, I have not been pregnant, and I have a try mentality. I drink black soy milk every day, around March, I am pregnant, now 8 weeks!

Yan Yan: I listened to others to use it. I tried to drink for the first time. I drank every morning in the past in the past, and even drinking for six days. I was a little surprised when I was pregnant in the same room. Now I am 17 weeks pregnant.

Quiet: I have seen some black beans who want to get pregnant on the Internet. After eight days after menstruation, I was pregnant with their babies. The two were really inherited. Now the babies are almost 27 weeks.

The nutritional value of black beans is very high. It is rich in protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, vitamin and other nutrients, and also contains 18 amino acids, especially 8 amino acids necessary for the human body.It can not only supplement nutrition, but also enhance immunity.

Black bean contains the structure of plant estrogen is similar to the structure of human estrogen, and it can be combined with the estrogen receptor of the human body. It has the effect of supplementing estrogen.Estrogen.Although black beans have indirect pregnancy aid effects, it is not necessary to consider that eating black beans can be successfully conceived.

In addition, the amount of supplement to black beans is not suitable for everyone. Some sisters have a mess because they eat black beans, and their aunt is either postponed in advance.Therefore, black beans should eat cautiously. Black beans can not be fulfilled in everyone, and sometimes it may be counterproductive!

Many Baoma said that after eating black beans, there may be the credit of black beans, but the most fundamental reason is that black beans are not.It is because your mentality has improved, because with the legendary "gestational artifact" of Black Bean, many expectant mothers will feel that if there is a god -assistant, the mood will be relaxed, and the pregnancy will be more positive.

The endocrine problem caused by mental stress is a very common and difficult problem for pregnancy. In fact, it is your mentality that really helps you pregnant!The more anxious, the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is, and then the mentality has changed, becoming more and more tense, which seriously causes the aunt’s disorders. In fact, the ovulation is abnormal, and it is more difficult to get pregnant.

If you want to get pregnant, in addition to a healthy body, your mentality is also very important!

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