Can drinking "help"?Rumor: 9 aspects of alcohol destructive sex, one by one, make it clear

In terms of husband and wife life, many friends will drink some wine to "help happy". In our saying, there are also saying "wine is a color matchmaker".Can it help the husband and wife’s life harmonious?For this issue, we should still draw a question mark objectively and rationally.

Sometimes, drinking and drinking a small amount of alcohol is indeed more relaxed and increasing the passion of the life of husband and wife, but this change is actually because of the nerve suppression effect of alcohol. When drinking a small amount, alcohol first suppresss people’s responsibility for rationality.The nerve part is often able to play a short -term improving anxiety for people with anxiety.Therefore, under the influence of alcohol, many people will become more relaxed, and it seems that they have performed better in husband and wife activities.

However, this improvement and help is generally limited to the appropriate amount of alcohol, and a large amount of alcohol and long -term drinking will cause many aspects of hazards and influence on sexual life. Today’s popular science will talk to you about it.Drinking a lot of alcohol is the 9 major hazards brought by the sex activities of husband and wife.

Moderate drinking may be the adjustment of the life of husband and wife, and even bring a more pleasant experience to both parties, but this degree is often difficult to grasp accurately. It is very common that it was just a little wine, but the more you drink, the more you drink.Gradually addicted.If you are drunk often, in the long run, alcohol will become a "addiction" that wakes up nerves. It may be necessary to drink alcohol before the husband and wife live.Sexual, alcohol for husband and wife activities, will become a burden.

If you have to drink some wine before your husband and wife activity, you may wish to try to handle anxiety and emotions in a safer way, such as staying away from alcohol, strengthening exercise, healthy diet, etc.

Although drinking a few glasses of wine will let you relax and make you feel "activity", long -term drinking is related to the reduction of sexual desire for men and women.Therefore, if you start to lose the desire to contact the other half intimately, or completely lose your sexual interest, this may be related to your excessive drinking, and it may be time to reduce drinking.

Alcohol is a inhibitor, so it can actually reduce your desire for sex, not to enhance it.Alcohol has a negative effect on blood circulation, nerves and breathing, which are necessary for sexual evolution and function.When it comes to sexual function, the impact on heart and blood circulation is particularly important.

If you like to drink a cup when you go out at night, most men will experience the situation of "falling the chain" at critical times.There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, blood circulation, changes in nervous systems, etc. are all possible, but long -term excessive drinking will also cause this problem. If it is not controlled, it may become more serious.

Experts point out that alcohol can increase desire, but it will reduce performance. This sentence makes sense.Although moderate drinking can reduce the suppression and make you feel more confident, this "often at the expense of the central nervous nerve of interfere with the central nervousness of the brain command to reduce the ability to obtain and maintain erection."Therefore, if you want to make sure you can erected all night, you deserve your alcohol intake, or insist on not drinking.

Although we all know that wine will destroy your erectile function, the little -known fact is that alcohol will actually affect sexual ability and performance by causing cardiovascular problems and poor blood circulation. Both are serious health problems.

Too much drinking will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and low testosterone hormones, all of which will cause long -term erectile dysfunction.Men also encounter temporary erection after drinking, because alcohol can reduce the blood flow of the penis.

Have you drunk so drunk so that you find that sexual life is painful and uncomfortable?For women, the influence of drinking may be due to dryness and lack of lubrication.

Alcohol is a dehydrated agent, a large amount of alcohol intake, diuretic effects, and consuming a lot of water during alcohol metabolism. These mechanisms will dehydrate the human body.This will reduce the lubrication of women and make the life uncomfortable and painful.Of course, use lubricants during sexual activity under the influence of alcohol to reduce pain and make it more pleasant.A better way is to replace alcohol with water all night, so that it can save money and increase the chance of climax. Why not?

If you are always drunk before entering the bedroom, the husband and wife activities will also become a huge harm.Sober couple activities are one of the most intimate and pleasant ways to spend time and should not be underestimated.Although a small amount of alcohol may play a role in breaking suppression, too much may destroy experience and happiness because they cannot adjust their wake -up with their partners at the moment.

For men who are abused with chronic alcohol, the bad news is that: alcoholic liver disease may mean that the testicular volume is smaller, which may severely damage your sexual life.Chronic alcoholic liver disease reduces the level of testicular hormones, and once again affects both sexual desire and erectile function.

If you think that you can drink a little wine, you may turn to a larger drinking amount, please make changes or help before alcoholism destroying the entire life.

We are all familiar with beer belly.But do you know that overweight will affect your testicular hormone and cause serious damage to your sexual desire?Men’s "high alcohol intake, the body’s fat content is higher, and its serum testosterone content is often low."The decline in hormone levels can lead to decreased sexual desire, loss of sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction.

Please reduce drinking.Leading healthier lifestyles is important to comprehensive health, not just your sexual life.

In addition to the physical damage that may cause alcohol, a large amount of alcohol has some potential but very serious indirect effects.Losing inhibitory due to alcohol can cause sexually transmitting infection and accidental pregnancy, because you may forget to use protection measures such as condoms.Or you may feel that you don’t need to use protection because your judgment is covered by the influence of alcohol.The more awake you, the safer the sexual behavior.

All in all, excessive drinking will bring multiple health hazards, which also includes the impact on the sexual life of husband and wife. If you drink too much, it is often difficult to fully enjoy the intimate feeling of the husband and wife and make a wise decision.Health, psychological and other aspects have caused adverse effects and harm. If you are already friends with alcohol dependence, try to try to change this situation, or seek necessary medical help. Even in order to ensure our "happiness" life,It is also good for the overall health of the body.

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