Can diabetic people drink soy milk?Doctor: If you want the islets to be normal, 3 kinds of food should be avoided

After suffering from diabetes, there are some taboos for many foods, such as some high -sugar food chocolate, candy, cream cake, etc. When ingested, you need to strictly controlPeople say that you can’t drink soy milk after suffering from diabetes. Is this true?

Can people with diabetes not drink soy milk?

Soymilk is a kind of breakfast that many people choose in the morning. It has a mellow taste and is rich in many nutrients, which is very suitable for the human body supplement.Recently, I heard a saying that people with diabetes cannot drink soy milk, because they think that soy milk is grinded from soybeans. If you often drink it, you will consume a lot of starch and carbohydrates.It contains a large amount of sugar essence, and too much intake can also cause blood sugar abnormalities in the body and increase the development of the disease. Therefore, people with diabetes should not drink soy milk.

In fact, this kind of statement is too one -sided. Patients with diabetes can drink soy milk. Soy milk is grinded from soaked soybean, but the starch that is soaked in soybeans is not high. The starch entering the human body is only 31Compared with other foods, the starch contained in soy milk is very low. Secondly, soy milk is rich in nutrients and proteins and a large amount of vitamin B, which can help stabilize blood sugar levels and accelerate metabolic metabolites. ThereforeThe crowd can drink soymilk, but it is recommended to squeeze soy milk to drink as possible, which is more secure and sanitary.

Internal medicine doctors remind: If you want the islet function to be stable, three kinds of food may be avoided

【Sticky rice】

Glutinous rice is a relatively common coarse grain, but people with diabetes should pay attention to try not to eat too much glutinous rice, because the starch contained in glutinous rice is also very high. If it is often eaten, the starch in glutinous rice will be converted into sugar.Make the blood glucose index rise.


Tudou foods are also high in starch. It is not recommended to eat a lot of people with diabetes. If too much intake, starch in potatoes will be converted into sugar in the body, which will also cause blood sugar instability.


The sugar content contained in sweets is very high, and people who are not suitable for diabetes are often consumed, because the sugar metabolic cycle in the people in the people in the people of diabetes has fallen. If it is often eating sweets, the blood sugar in the body will be more abnormal.

How should patients with diabetes be kept pancreatic in winter?

[Nutrition required for islet supplement]

When winter is approaching, many people will eat some foods that help the cold and warm. It is recommended that patients with diabetes supplement some single -shelled sugar nutrition in daily diet to help maintain the health of the islets. This is a kind ofNatural hypoglycemic nutrition can not only maintain the health of the islets, but also regulate the blood glucose level in the body. It is very suitable for patients with diabetes who need to control blood sugar for a long time.Among them, it is rich in hypoglycemic nutrition of many natural plants such as quinoa, selenium -rich cordyceps, mulberry leaves, and bitter gourd. These plants are all homogeneous hypoglycemic ingredients, which can also maintain the islet tissue and reduce diabetes complications.The occurrence of helping the islet receptor ability, achieving the ideal effect of hypoglycemic, is suitable for diabetic patients.

[Keep an appropriate amount of exercise]

The weather is cold in winter, and many people do not want to exercise, but exercise can help enhance the body’s immunity, accelerate the sugar metabolism in the body, and improve the work activity of islet. Therefore, it is recommended that people with diabetes.30 minutes helps the islet health.

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