Can couples still have sex?As long as the posture is right!

Sexual actions are human nature and normal needs, but occasionally, we have no way to obey this nature, such as pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers abstain from the city throughout pregnancy in order to care for their babies, but there is no need to be so severe.

In the process of sexuality, with the shortening of the uterus and the filling of the blood vessels, more blood and nutrients can be transported, which actually helps the fetus to grow.

Therefore, before pregnancy, we should not throw sexuality, but should enjoy its joy as much as possible.However, it is necessary to note that in the pregnancy period, it is necessary to accept some extraordinary sexual gestures, and to continue to conform to the growth of pregnancy.

In the first three months, the body of the pregnant woman may not have a relatively changeable change. Therefore, although the pregnant women are not interested in inserting too deep, they may still accept the gesture of men and women.If the pregnant woman is on the upper or sitting on the leg of her partner, the depth of the insertion is more random.If pregnant women have poor digestion or bad heart (these two diseases often lead to premature birth), this attitude is also suitable.However, if the breast is easy to be dangerous and wants to control the part of this part, this attitude may be inappropriate.

Within three months of pregnancy, although pregnant women can support the fetal weight with a supine attitude, the partner cannot lean on a pregnant woman like the past.Pregnant women can examine the exam with the side of the body, and the partner inserts from the back.

In the three months of pregnancy, pregnant women must not only comply with the weight of the fetus, but also endure back pain and other diseases.You can use your limbs to support with your limbs, and your partner is inserted from behind.

What situation should I need to follow the sexuality?

1. If bleeding occurs, the doctor should stop sexual life before the doctor finds the reason.

2. If the signs of flowing water or Linye.

3. If you feel painful or not warm in sexual life.

4. If your partner has a sexually transmitted disease or germ sore.

5. If you have already had a history of abortion, then unless the doctor knows that you can have sex, you must press it.

Sexual sex during pregnancy can not only maintain intimate contact with the partner, but also allows pregnant women’s trusts to have each other’s love regardless of their own feelings or overview.

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