Can cervicitis cause cervical cancer?What is the cause of cervical cancer

Cervicalitis is one of the most common diseases in gynecological diseases. The place of disease is cervix. There are many segmented diseases, which are caused by infection.Cervicitis is very harmful, and some patients may even be entangled with cervicitis and cause infertility. Female friends should beware of this disease. Because the symptoms of gynecological diseases have many similar places.Doing gynecological examination is necessary.Cervicitis is actually very important, so how to prevent cervicitis?

Cervicitis is very harmful to women

1. Affects the sex life of husband and wife

Severe cervicitis can lead to severe pain or bleeding symptoms that occur during the life of husband and wife, which will cause women to disgust their husbands and wives, which will seriously affect the relationship between husband and wife.

2. Temperature cervical cancer

According to statistics, women with cervicitis have 10 times higher incidence of cervical cancer than women without cervicitis.

3. Temptation of abortion

Long -term cervical inflammation can change the cervical tissue, decreases elasticity, and does not go smoothly.

4. Affect conception

Cervical secretions will increase significantly when cervicitis, the texture is thick, and there are a large amount of white blood cells. This will adversely affect the mobility of sperm, hinder sperm entering the uterine cavity, affecting conception, and even infertility.

5. Cause multiple complications

After cervicitis, the pathogen can be infected with endometritis, which can cause chronic pelvic inflammatory disease through the spread of ligaments and lymphatic pipes by the palace.In addition, cervical polyps, vertical and cysts can be triggered.

What is the cause of cervical cancer

1. The relationship with sexual partners: If the husband’s foreskin is too long or the phimosis, the relative risk of cervical cancer is greater, and it has penile cancer or prostate cancer or his ex -wife suffers from cervical cancer, as well as men’s personality objects.The chance of a wife with cervical cancer has increased.

2. The relationship with sex: Women with premature sexual life, the incidence of cervical cancer is 4 times higher than that after 18 years of age.It has been confirmed that if women have sex with multiple men, there are more opportunities for cervical cancer, and virgins rarely suffer from cervical cancer.

3. Relationship with marriage: The incidence of multiple marriage cervical cancer is also higher. Multiple delivery and insidious periods and poor delivery process will increase the incidence of cervical cancer.

Can cervical cancer cure?

Cervical cancer is different from other tumors, and the disease of the disease is clear. There is a series of pre -cancer lesions. Its occurrence and development is from quantity to qualitative change, gradient to mutation. The total process of several years or even more than ten years.The key to prevention is to discover and treat cervical lesions in time through screening to terminate its development of cervical cancer.The treatment effect of early cervical lesions is much better than the treatment of cervical cancer. The 5-year survival rate of cervical infiltration of cancer is 67%, and the cure rate of early cancer of cervix is 90%-92%.Can reach 100%.

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