Can brown sugar’s "health scam" really alleviate dysmenorrhea when drinking brown sugar water?

Brown sugar has always been the "blood supplement" in the eyes of Chinese people.

Today, there are more and more brown sugar on the market, such as anthurium brown sugar, red dates brown sugar, ginger brown sugar, female brown sugar, wolfberry brown sugar, etc.Can they really achieve the effect in publicity?

These many brown sugar are based on traditional brown sugar, adding a certain amount of animal and plant auxiliary materials with health effects.Brown sugar is generally filtered by sugar cane juice, and rough sugar products made of high temperature heating and concentrated. In the process of boiling sugar juice for a long time, the color gradually becomes red, darker and exuding aroma.However, most of these brown sugar are still sugar. Even if they contain some amino acids and trace elements that do not have, compared with other natural foods, they are minimal.

The efficacy of the health component in "Fantastic Brown Sugar" is also exaggerated. Taking ginger as an example, although the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea has a literary proof, the premise is that the amount must be large enough, and it must be used one week before menstruation.However, the amount of ginger in ginger brown sugar is almost below 3.5%.

So why do people feel that drinking brown sugar water can relieve dysmenorrhea?Experts said that the sugar that is easily absorbed by too much intake can reduce the efficiency of blood circulation, so the analgesic effect may be based on the "psychological comfort effect" of sweetness; in addition, girls with severe dysmenorrhea become poor appetite, and they are prone to insufficient nutrition. Brown sugar can be available.Provide part of energy; ginger, pepper and other foods can promote blood circulation through spicy feeling, stimulating people to produce warmth.

But pay attention, they will also make the body’s heat from getting faster.Brown sugar water can occasionally drink a cup, but do not drink too much superstition for their health effects and drink it every day.

Generally speaking, the iron content in brown sugar is 2 mg/ 100 grams, and healthy adult women need 20 mg iron per day.If you want to supply brown sugar, you need to eat 1000 grams, which is 2 pounds, which is obviously impossible.

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that the adding sugar is not more than 50 grams per day, and it is best to control less than 25 grams.Generally, a cup of brown sugar water contains about 20 grams of sugar, which will not exceed the limit, but considering that other foods in life also contain sugar, such as sweet beverages, fruit yogurt, biscuits, cakes, etc.Their intake.

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