Can bananas lower blood pressure?Although the banana is good, the three types are not suitable for eating

As a fruit that everyone likes to see, bananas are loved by everyone. Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals.Consumption of bananas can supplement body nutrition, as well as protecting blood vessels, improving skin health, and improving brain power.

Everyone often heard bananas can be treated with constipation. In fact, this effect is very limited.Most of the bananas we buy on the market are artificially urged. One of the substances is called tannic acid. Too much banana may have certain damage to the mucosa of the intestinal surface layer.

Since bananas are rich in nutrition, do you eat more, the better?The answer is obviously negative.Due to the high content of starch and sugar in bananas.A banana’s calories are about 1300 calories.Eating too many bananas can easily lead to too high calories in intake, easily lead to obesity of the body, but increase the burden on the cardiovascular vascular.

So it is not reliable to lower blood pressure by eating bananas.

Although bananas are delicious, not everyone is suitable for eating bananas. For these three types of people, they are not suitable for bananas.

Banana contains a certain amount of tannic acid. Under the action of gastric acid, it will stick to protein, dietary fiber and other substances. Eating too much banana may cause symptoms such as acute stomach pain, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and vomiting.In addition, persimmons also contain tannic acid, which should not be eaten too much.

Compared with other fruits, the banana itself has a very high sugar -content index.If you have diabetes, eating bananas will affect blood circulation and cause the disease to deteriorate.

Banana is rich in potassium. For people with poor renal function, consume a large amount of potassium, which can easily cause hyperkalemia, causing symptoms such as sleepiness, elevated blood pressure, and muscle weakness.

In addition, choosing bananas also has certain skills. First of all, when you choose bananas, you should choose those smooth, large and uniform on the surface. If you find that the peel becomes black, it is not recommended to buy it.In addition, you should pay attention to the amount of banana, and keep it at 1-2 a day.The last is to store bananas. It is recommended how much bananas eat.Don’t buy a lot of bananas at one time.It should be placed in an environment of about 13 ° C during storage.In this way, bananas are not easy to deteriorate.

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