Can antiviral treatment now have children?

Many patients have recently asked me that they are taking medicine now, but preparing to have children, I don’t know what to pay attention to at this stage.In fact, you don’t have to worry about youth men and women infected with chronic hepatitis B infection.However, if antiviral treatment is performed, it needs to be treated with caution.

Why use medicine carefully?

A standardized new drug must have been performed by animal teratogenic tests in order to approve the clinical application. Therefore, the instructions of the imported drugs indicate the impact on the embryo, divided into three levels: A (safety), B (animal test non -embryonic toxicity and teratogenic teratogenicism and teratogenic deformedness.Sexuality is not researched) and C (animal test has embryonic toxicity and teratogenicity).Many domestic drugs have not trials without animal teratogenic tests, especially Chinese herbal medicines have not performed teratogenic tests, and it is difficult to ensure safety for fetuses.In the past, there were only some Chinese herbal medicines in poverty, and many diseases were treated, leaving many congenital malformation children.

Is men’s use of medicine at will?

Some people think that the fetus is developing in the abdomen of pregnant women, and the pregnant woman should be careful when taking medicine; I don’t think that the fetus is a large amount of proliferation and development from a fertilized egg cell.If the drug can change the sperm slightly, it can also cause the embryo to develop deformity, so men who want to give pregnancy cannot also be used at will.

What is the effect of interferon on embryos?

In addition to the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis, interferon can inhibit cell proliferation, so it is also used as an antitumor biological treatment drug.The embryo develops from countless times and develops into a fetus without countless times, so interferon cannot be used during pregnancy.Young men and women who use such drugs to treat hepatitis need to stop medicine for 3 months to give birth.

What is the impact of nucleoside drugs on embryos?

According to the pre -clinical trials of these drugs, the US Food and Drug Administration set the back of Ercavir, Adefir, and Lamif to the Class C. The safety of the embryos is low;Animal test has not found important problems, but has not done human clinical trials and cannot guarantee safety.According to moral ethics, it is impossible for humans to do clinical trials, so it is not currently listed as a category of drugs.

I do n’t know why Lamifid’s safety of the fetus is attributed to Category C. The current domestic and foreign experience believes that Ramovding is the safest to embryo.

Anti -virus drugs during pregnancy can be selected: Ramov, daabidding, and Nonofir.

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