Cai Shaofen attended the event, stepped on the fine heels throughout the process, but his body was not fat and his chin was even more sharp.

At the beginning, when I knew that Cai Shaofen was pregnant with her third child, everyone was surprised. After all, Cai Shaofen was old. Now 46 years old, she is definitely an elderly mother.And before Cai Shaofen had two daughters, in fact, the third child was really not necessary. Many people may feel that Cai Shaofen’s third child wants a son.

A few days ago, Cai Shaofen attended the event and was encountered by many passers -by. At this time, Cai Shaofen’s pregnant belly was very obvious. The maintenance of Cai Shaofen as a star Cai Shaofen was still very good, and his arms and calves were very slender.

Seeing Cai Shaofen’s shape, she felt like she was still fighting. She was on the event with her pregnant belly. She also wore thin heels.

Looking at Cai Shaofen’s live photos, wearing fine heels throughout the process. Although the heel is not very high, it looks really thin.Fortunately, she is a female star. She is usually used to walking in high heels. If she wants to change to ordinary people, she really dare not wear it like this.

It can be seen that Cai Shaofen is still very careful. When there are many people, there are two assistants who follow her beside her. One assistant holds her hand tightly and helps her, and the other is next to her, helping her back.

The degree of protection really attaches great importance to it.

However, it is even more surprising that Cai Shaofen’s maintenance is 46 years old, and she is still pregnant, but she has not taken shape at all.When the passers -by shooting, she really didn’t get fat at all.

Not only is the face shape that is more sharp, but the arm is very sharp, and the arm is slender and without meat. It is the belly blocked by loose clothes. It can be seen that it is obviously a bit big.

When Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin were on the show before, Cai Shaofen was pregnant, and they were all rushing five, but they were really pink and did not feel old at all.

Even if you are pregnant, the complexion is super good, and it looks light.It is said that she and Zhang Jin are still in love, but they are not old at all. Now, if you tell the truth, it feels that Cai Shaofen looks younger than Zhang Jin.

In fact, Cai Shaofen was really not easy in the first half of his life. He was lucky to pay off his mother’s debt, but after encountering Zhang Jin, he felt that his mentality was good now. The whole person has always maintained a young appearance because of happiness.

There are a lot of cold knowledge in the entertainment industry. Maybe everyone does not know. For example, many stars came out of the same school, and even the test room was still connected, such as Zhao Wei and Zhang Ziyi.

At the time of the exam, Zhao Wei and Zhang Ziyi were connected. Zhao Wei was No. 860 Zhang Ziyi No. 861.Even in the entertainment industry, it is definitely a fate.Now the development of the two is also very good, both of which are absolutely large flowers in the entertainment industry.Looking at the two people at that time, the two people still felt a little emotional.

If you look at the face value, it still feels that Zhao Wei is slightly better. At that time, Zhao Wei was really aura. The facial features were too good -looking. The collagen was full of collagen on his face.

Zhang Ziyi was still small at that time, and the temperament of the facial features may not be very good, but to be honest, Zhang Ziyi is good at the bone phase. Her bones are really good!After so many years, Zhao Wei has become a lot older, but Zhang Ziyi has not changed at all. Compared with his youth, at most, the skin has become older.

Zhao Wei and Zhang Ziyi have fate, and Zhou Xun also has a fate.

When Zhao Wei just went to Beijing to develop, he rented a house. After staying for 10 days, he found the scene and moved out.

The landlord of Zhao Wei also mentioned a girl who lived before Zhao Wei. The old gentleman said that the girl was also very cute and took her a lot of photos, which was Zhou Xun.

The entertainment industry is not big. It is very small to say that Xiao Zhao, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei, are now all flowers in the entertainment industry. There was such a fate.

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