Buying medicines online at home is exactly the same as the hospital. Why not?

I did n’t dare to tell parents, and I dare not go to the hospital by myself?

They chose to buy abortion medicines online and secretly giving birth at home.

Don’t believe it, this is true.

In June 2020, the police cracked a case of illegal sale of abortion medicines.Criminal suspects Cai Mou sold the abortion medicine "Mitanone" and "Meso -mouterol" to more than 5,000 customers through the online shopping platform for two years, making a profit of 1.2 million.

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And according to account details, most of the people who came to buy medicine were young women.

Some people may say that these medicines who go to the hospital for medication and production are also the same. Is it true that they buy it by themselves and go to the hospital?

This difference is too big.


Take an abortion by yourself

The flower season girl has lost her life

The person who had "abortion medicine" at home was not a problem. He was fortunate that he picked up a life from the god of death.

In February 2002, a 24 -year -old woman found that she had menstruation for 50 days. She bought an abortion medicine and took it. On the third day of the use, the lower abdomen was unbearable, dizziness, cold sweat, and weakness.Dist invalid.

In 2012, a 25 -year -old woman had menopause for 48 days and aborted at home at home. She began to take a maco prostate 8 hours later.

In September 2016, 19 -year -old Jiangxi girl Xiao Feng took an abortion medicine on his own and died in the toilet of the rental house. The doctor found that the girl was pregnant for more than 6 months.


This is just a part of the case.

Why take the "abortion medicine" by yourself, the risk is so great?


Abortion medicine is a prescription medicine

Use without authorization may cause major bleeding

"Abortion medicines" such as percoin and macooliol are prescribed medicines. They must be prepared, purchased and used by practicing physicians or practicing assistant physicians.

Mi Fuzone: It mainly plays the role of killing embryos. It is a drug with antimormones that can block progesterone activity and allow molten necrosis to terminate pregnancy.

Meso frontol: It plays the role of excretion of embryo. It can enhance uterine contraction and discharge the necrotic pregnancy mincer out of the body.

If you take these two drugs "abortion" without authorization, it may cause incomplete abortion, leading to a large amount of bleeding and life -threatening.

As early as 2001, the State Drug Administration issued a safe medicine for "rice non -sisone": "rice non -sisone" (abortion medicine), which must beMedical institutions use.

State Drug Supervision Administration | Abortion related official documents

Some people may say: This kind of abortion medicine needs to be supervised to use. Can I change the abortion medicine?

Nononono …

The focus is not on drugs, but an abortion method such as "drug abortion". It is necessary to implement the medical examination and ambulance measures.


Can pregnancy flow?

Far more complicated than you imagine

1⃣️ Confirm that "pregnancy does not exceed 49 days" and "embryo is in the palace", only preliminary qualifications for drug abortion.

Only after a series of examinations such as B -ultrasound, it is confirmed that the pregnancy does not exceed 49 days, and the embryo is in the uterine cavity (the problem of abnormal pregnancy) will consider the option of drug abortion.

The drug flow has been performed for 49 days of pregnancy, and there may be incomplete necrosis of the mincer, and the in vitro cannot be discharged from the body, which causes "incomplete abortion" to cause major bleeding.

If the embryo is in the corner, fallopian tube, abdominal cavity, etc., it may also cause the drug to abortion, which may lead to shock and even life -threatening.

2⃣️ Integrity of a variety of medical history can we put the conclusion of "whether the drug flow"

There are problems such as endocrine diseases, blood diseases, cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, asthma, epilepsy, colitis and other problems. It is not suitable for taking abortion drugs such as "rice non -siso" and "melsotol".

There are allergic constitution, severe pregnancy, long -term anti -tuberculosis, anti -epilepsy, anti -depression, anti -prostaglandin drugs, and pregnancy.

Even when taking abortion medicines, the various requirements for "drug abortion" to pregnant women have to go to the hospital in the later period.


Failure rate of drug abortion 10%

No matter if success or not, you have to go to the hospital

The success rate of drug abortion is about 90%to 95%.

Under normal circumstances, after taking abortion drugs, a small amount of vaginal bleeding usually occurs for about 2 weeks.If there is too much bleeding, you need to go to the hospital immediately for emergency curettage.

In addition, 8 to 15 days after taking the medicine, you have to go to the hospital to retract to determine the abortion effect; once it fails, artificial abortion must be performed through surgery.

If you find no, the drug logistics orrtes cannot avoid the hospital at all.

"Artificial abortion" such as a life -threatening event should be frank to their families and go to a regular medical institution for treatment.

Because "afraid of scolding", "dare not say", "convenient picture", medicine may not be predicted or controlled.

Death is irreversible.


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