Buronberg exploded again, and once threatened pregnant female employees to abort

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Recently, Mike Bloomberg, a candidate for the 2020 presidential election of the United States Democratic Party, was once again scandals.It is reported that the incident was found in Bloomberg News.A former employee of the company accused Bloomberg threaten a pregnancy employee for miscarriage.

Bloomberg News and Bloomberg have long been accused of lack of respect for women, and some media describe Bloomberg as a "male hunting field".The news said that the media, which has been established for 20 years, is almost full of gender discrimination, sexual harassment and extreme patriarchalism.Male executives are said to be able to start with female employees.

This time, a Japanese -American woman named Sakai was issued. Sakai joined Bloomberg in 1989. The case she accused was said to occur in 1995.Sakai said that her marriage with her husband was very happy, and she disclosed the fact that she was pregnant in 1995.However, when the company’s boss Bloomberg learned that his employees were pregnant, she asked her vividly to have a miscarriage.After being rejected, Sakai was also attacked and ridiculed by colleagues at work.

After seeing the reports on this incident, Bloomberg personally sent a voice message to Sakai personally, explaining that their communication may have misunderstandings.The two parties then stated that a settlement agreement was reached, but the terms of the agreement were not public.

Since 1996, Bloomberg and Bloomberg have received a total of 40 lawsuits from 65 plaintiffs, and there are still five stages in the trial.Recently, together in 2016, the two female employees accused of being sexually assaulted by executives, and the 54 -page appeal described in detail the torture, rape and forced drug use.

In 2019, Bloomberg, a US billionaire, and the former mayor of New York announced the election of the President of the United States. The business tycoon, who had been scandal, was even more popular.A lot of shadows have been followed by Trump’s cross -border cross -border.

(Source: Asia Pacific Daily APD News)

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