British women operate artificial insemination by themselves, once successful!Don’t try ordinary people

According to the British "Sun", a single mother in England has been successful at home to have an artificial insemination at home in order to have a child, and now the child has been born smoothly.Many people read this news and believe that ordinary people want to do artificial insemination no longer to go to the hospital. Is this idea reasonable and fertile fertilization at home?

Stephenie Taylor, who lives in England, is already a 5 -year -old boy’s mother, but she also wants to give her son a sister.However, Taylor, who had encountered unfortunate marriage before, had a shadow on men, so she intends to conceive through non -sexual intercourse, which is artificial insemination.

However, after the cargo was more than three, she found that the total cost of inspection and surgery in the hospital was at least 1,600 pounds (about 14,000 yuan).In order not to spend this injustice, Taylor decided to operate at home.She first consulted many artificial fertilization expertise on the Internet, and heard the opinions of some mothers who had done artificial insemination.Then set up healthy sperm on some sperm donation platforms and purchased the corresponding tools and information.Finally, I injected myself at home according to the tutorial. I really succeeded in getting pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl.

Seeing this, many people think that artificial insemination is very simple, and it does not need any technology.Usually, some animal artificial insemination is successfully successful. I do n’t know why the hospital is so expensive, and there is no need to go to the hospital at all.But I think it is necessary to go to the hospital for surgery.We cannot ignore the risk of artificial insemination due to the success of a private operation.

There are many reasons for this British mother to operate successfully, but they are basically not suitable for ordinary people.

1. The British mother’s original body was very healthy, and she had no symptoms of infertility before, so she could directly save the medical examination process and physical conditioning before the operation.For ordinary people, in fact, most of the couples who want to be artificial insemination are because they have more or less diseases, so they cannot get pregnant naturally.If these people want artificial insemination, they must go through physical examination and professional physical care. If they operate at home, they may cause harm to themselves.It is really worthless to save this money in danger of life.Therefore, it is limited to women who have no physical problems at home and do not want to get married.

2. Even if the body is very healthy, Taylor still needs to spend a lot of time and energy to understand the relevant knowledge and operation methods.For ordinary people, the knowledge of medicine has strong professionalism, especially the genetic reproductive science, which not only has the parents of children who have children, but also the health of infants.In the process of operating surgery, a mistake may lead to defects such as deformed or insufficient resistance to children.

3. Taylor can screen a healthy, vibrant sperm from the sperm donation platform.However, ordinary people have no ways to obtain sperm and the method of screening sperm, and the risks are very risky.Generally, couples choose their husband’s sperm, but if there is a lack of maintenance, it will cause insufficient sperm vitality to be difficult to get pregnant.

Taylor’s success is obviously unique and accidental, but the treatment method of hospitals needs to be suitable for the wider patient group, so the whole process looks cumbersome, the charges are expensive, and of course it is more guaranteed in terms of safety and stability.

The treatment process of hospitals can be solved for complex patients with different patients.As long as the husband and wife do not have the acute and infectious diseases of reproductive urology, this method can generally choose.If the wife is very healthy in the husband and wife, and the husband has some symptoms of fertility, the method of artificial insemination will be very suitable for them.

For example: the man is less essence and weakness.Due to the high pressure of modern work, some people have been sitting for a long time and not replenishing water in time, which will cause excessive pressure of dexicated veins and the pressure of the urinary system, which will eventually affect the number and quality of the manufacturing sperm.Semen is not liquefied or liquefied long time.Sperm liquefaction is a necessary condition for the combination of sperm and egg cells.What is semen liquefaction?Simply put, we can regard sperm and semen as the relationship between boats and river water. The sperm to reach the egg cells must be carried and transmitted through the river cells, otherwise it will be stranded midway and cannot complete the fertilization process.After reaching the egg cells, semen begins to liquefy so that sperm can be relieved from the semen and bind to the egg.Men’s sexual dysfunction, genital malformations and other symptoms.That is, the man’s psychological or physiological factors have caused infertility problems that cannot complete sexual intercourse or ejaculation.

If the woman does not have severe fallopian tubes, it is also because of some mild symptoms that infertility can also use artificial insemination, such as: the woman is unable to sex due to reproductive tract malformations or psychological factors.Due to congenital reasons, some women’s uterus will present malformations such as saddle -like and bilateral shapes. As long as the deformity is not particularly serious, it can generally nurture newborn through artificial fertilization.Women’s ovulation disorders or mild endometrium.Due to irregular life or weakness, some women have a small amount of ovulation or the diameter of ovulation are small, resulting in difficulty combining sperm and eggs.The pelvic adhesion caused by endometriosis will compress the transport space of sperm and eggs, affecting the combination of sperm and eggs.

If the above symptoms lead to a long -term infertility couple, you can try artificial insemination three times, and you still cannot get pregnant and then consider test tube babies.This is because artificial insemination is relatively easy to operate, the cost is not high, and patients will not cause relatively large pain.

Artificial insemination is not what we understand, simply injection sperm into the vagina and uterus.How to ensure the effective combination of sperm and eggs, and breeding new life is the focus of artificial insemination.

To achieve this, the hospital needs to monitor the woman’s follicles in advance. If the woman’s ovulation is abnormal, even if the sperm is injected into the uterus, the fertilized egg cannot be formed.Women with ovulation disorders need to use drug conditioning, so the preparations for this early period are generally as long as months to half a year.When the B -ultrasound monitored the diameter of the superior follicles reached more than 16mm, the woman met the conditions for artificial insemination.

On the other hand, at the closest time of the woman’s ovulation period, that is, before the operation, the hospital needs to extract the male sperm samples to clean, screen and cultivate, so that the sperm can reach the highest activity. This process needs to wait for one to two hours to two hours.Essence

After completing these preparations, the final operation can be performed.During the operation, reproductives will inject sperm suspension into the sperm suspension into the female uterine cavity through an artificial fertilized custody.It can be said that this operation is the simplest step in the entire artificial insemination process. There is no severe pain in the operation, and it will not last long.The results of pregnancy can be tested within two weeks after surgery.

It sounds simple operation and no shortcomings, but we still have to emphasize it. Most of the couples who go to the hospital to ask for fertility problems have infertility problems.The requirements for fertility for men and women are relatively high.This requires the woman’s side or bilateral fallopian tube to be unobstructed, and the ovarian function is still good, which can ovulate normally, and the quality of the man’s semen should not be too bad.Because the treatment of human beings is very close to natural insemination, which means that sperm and egg cells must be healthy as the basis for forming fertilized eggs, and at the same time, fallopian tubes cannot be blocked as bridges combined with sperm and eggs.Among infertility patients, men and women can meet these conditions at the same time.Therefore, the success rate of people is not high, about 10%to 20%.

Generally speaking, people have not been successful in pregnancy, and doctors will recommend patients to try test tube babies.Because the success rate of test tubes is much higher than that of people, according to statistics from the Beijing Third People’s Hospital, patients under the age of 35 can reach 70%of the pregnancy rate through the third -generation test tube.Although this data is higher than the actual success rate than the actual success rate, even including these data, the test tube’s success rate is more than 50%even if it includes these data.

Although the success rate of the test tube is high, its disadvantages are obvious.

On the one hand, the cost of test tube surgery is high.According to the latest data released by the National Health Bureau in 2017, the cost of granting is about 8,000 yuan, while the per capita IVF medical expenses reached 140,000!

On the other hand, the test tube surgery is needed to take out the eggs, so it will cause greater physical damage and pain to the woman.

In fact, whether it is artificial insemination or IVF, as the main body of childbirth, the mother, the mother will face various pain during surgery and fertility.However, the mother always paid silently, and she was as good as she was.Although the joy of heaven is the emotion of human beings for generations, we still hope that everyone should not try dangerous fertility methods and unreliable clinic surgery to go to a reliable hospital for medical treatment.

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