Breast swelling during pregnancy, so that massage can effectively alleviate, otherwise the condition may be aggravated

According to the survey, about 60%-95%of women will have breast pain during pregnancy. Generally, after 40 days of menopause, the swelling is obvious in the early stages of pregnancy.Feeling, how should expectant mothers relieve in the face of this situation?

During pregnancy, a large number of placenta and fluff in the uterus secrete estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, which leads to the gradual increase of breasts. After most of the expectant mothers’ breasts swell, the symptoms will be reduced after a week, but the severe cases may be possible.It will continue the whole pregnancy, and sometimes it will be accompanied by a little pain.

The swollen breasts during pregnancy can make the expectant mother’s body more sensitive, and sometimes it feels like tingling. The expectant mothers need to strengthen breast care during pregnancy, which can promote the development of the breast.Postpartum breastfeeding keeps expectant mothers’ breasts healthy.

Pressing pressure reduction

Specific mothers increase rapidly during pregnancy, and the breasts are affected by gravity. If the expectant mothers wear underwear before pregnancy, too tight underwear will increase the pressure of the breast, hinder the blood circulation of the chest, and easily cause the breast gland to cause the breast.Proliferation and nipple depression and other problems, severe cases can also cause mastitis and breast cancer.

1.1 Do your chest support

During the period of pregnancy, the expectant mothers are increasing with the breasts, and the thick fat layer in the breast has no muscle protection. Without the support of underwear, the breasts are not only easy to sag, but also the nipples are also prone to damage.Therefore, expectant mothers should choose the right underwear to support the chest.

Under normal circumstances, expectant mothers will increase a cup in early pregnancy, and breasts will increase another cup in the middle and late pregnancy. It is recommended that expectant mothers choose the right underwear according to their actual size as their actual size as the breasts increase.When wearing, you must prevent the bra and give the chest good support effect.

1.2 Add cup space

As the bust increases, the size of the bras needs to be adjusted accordingly. The bra is too tight, which will not only squeeze the breast, but also cause nipple discomfort. ThereforeThe size of the underwear cup, appropriately increase the space of the cup.

The correct position where the bras support the nipple should be the horizontal position between the nipple connection between the elbow and the shoulder to prevent the breasts from pulling the bra to pull the bras in the back of the back.Before wearing underwear, use a soft cloth to suck the milk on the nipple.

2.1 Massage preparation

Before massage, expectant mothers need to prepare breast massage cream and stretch marks protection products for pregnant women, which can increase the effect of massage, and can also prevent the appearance of stretch marks.Carry bacteria, leading to breast infection.

2.2 Massage method

(1) Pressing method on the left and right

First apply an appropriate amount of massage cream with your hand, and rub it evenly with your hands to ensure your hand lubrication and reduce the friction of the hand on the chest.Press, massage the right breast on the left hand, and massage the left breast on the right hand.

(2) Vibration pressure method

Apply a massage cream evenly on the breast, then put your hands and your fingers together on the oblique under the breasts on both sides, then pat it gently to vibrate the entire breast, and then use your hands to massage the breast from the obliqueness to the center of the breast.Repeat several times until the massage cream is completely absorbed.

(3) Access entrustment method

After applying the massage cream on the hand, hold the left breast on the left hand, and the four fingers of the right hand are wiped from the outside and the lower edge of the breast to the nipple 3 times, and then the four fingers of the right hand push from the inner side of the breast to the center of the nipple.Wipe 3 times, and then hold the right breast with your right hand. The technique is the same as the left, and the left and right are alternately.

The mothers are quite sensitive during pregnancy. When performing breast massage, pay attention to the special chest massage cream, which can moisturize the skin, enhance the elasticity of the breast, promote local blood circulation of the breast, and during the massage processIf the breast feels dry, it can increase the frequency of the cream.

3.1 Oil coverage method

Rinsee oil is rich in oil, which can accelerate the recovery of various infections, remove pain, drip canonum oil on a thicker cotton cloth, wet it evenly, then apply cotton cloth to the breast, then cover a layer of plasticThe film can reduce the volatilization of the fat, put it on the hot bag, and apply it for an hour.

3.2 Cold compress swelling method

When the expectant mother’s breasts are congested and painful, the cold compress treatment is appropriately performed, which can relieve the pain and achieve the purpose of swelling. The lower the temperature, the more helpful it is to relieve the swelling.Direct cold compresses to avoid excessive shrinkage of capillaries and breast ducts.

Expectant mothers can also choose cold compress bags on the swollen breasts. It can be applied coldly every 2 or 3 hours, 20-30 minutes each time until the symptoms of swelling are relieved.You can also consider applying another 1-2 times to relieve local tissue edema.

3.3 Hot Application method

Hot compresses can improve the circulation of breast blood, prepare a soft wet towel, immerse in hot water with a temperature of about 40 degrees, remove and screw out the water, put it on the breast, and then match the gently massage and shooting action.To the effect of dredging swelling.

Specific mothers can choose a hot compress pad for hot compresses, which can be heated in the microwave oven. Apply 20 minutes a day, but be careful not to over -heat compress, otherwise it is easy to accelerate the blood flow to the breast and increase the symptoms of breast swelling.

Adjust the sleeping position and reduce compression

Bad sleeping positions will not only affect the normal development of the fetus in the uterus, but also affect the stress of the breast, which can easily cause breast swelling and deformation, cause breast destruction. During this period, Reduce the external force against breasts.

4.1 Proper side lying on the side

Moms are best to take a side sleeping posture during pregnancy. This posture not only reduces breast pressure, reduces the swelling of the breast, but also improves blood circulation and increases blood supply to the fetus. It is recommended that expectant mothers in the third trimester adopt appropriate adoptionSleeping position on the left.

4.2 Control back lying

Specific mothers are best reduced to sleep when sleeping in the third trimester, because sleeping on -site sleep will increase the pressure of the breast, increase the pressure of the chest, and may also occur in the chest.Pillows increase back support and reduce the frequency of sleeping.

The swelling of breasts during pregnancy is actually a physiological phenomenon. Specific mothers do not have to worry too much. As long as the breast swelling can be effectively alleviated according to the above 4 methods, but the breast swelling is severe.It is necessary to go to the hospital for breast examination in time.

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