Breast bloating nipples become larger, or closely related to these factors, be ignored

Women with breast pain and nipple pain have sexual life, and menstruation has not come for a long time. It is likely that pregnancy causes breast pain and nipples.Many women in life feel their breast pain, and the nipples have become bigger, but I do n’t know what causes it, so it is easy to be nervous and anxious.In fact, there are many reasons for this situation. What is the reason for breast swelling nipples?

1. Women’s placenta and fluff after pregnancy will secrete a large amount of estrogen, prolactin, and progesterone, leading to breast hyperplasia, so breast enlargement and breast tenderness occur.If you have sex and find that menstruation has not come, it is best to check whether you are pregnant.Disposable sexual life can easily lead to breast pain, and sometimes there is a primary selection of breast swelling.After women enter sexual excitement, the nipples will be erected, the breasts will be significantly congested, the whole breasts will increase, and the areola will be congested after continuing, and the swelling will be more obvious.If women are not satisfied during sexual intercourse, breast congestion and swelling cannot be easily faded, or they will swell and become large when they are not completely faded.

2. Acute mastitis can sometimes cause breast pain, nipple pain, and will also appear with headache, weakness, high fever, cold war and other conditions.Due to the purulent infection of the breast, inflammation of the breast pipe and the surrounding connective tissue.This situation generally occurs in lactating women who need to pay attention to it.

3. Breast hyperplasia is also called breast cystic hyperplasia, mainly in middle -aged women.Patients may have multiple lumps of different sizes in the nipples on both sides, showing a circular or irregular shape. When they touch it gently with their hands, they feel hard and tough. The touch is similar to rubber blocks, which are mainly scattered in the entire nipple.When breast hyperplasia occurs, it usually feels pain in nipples. Before menstruation, it is even more serious. After menstruation, pain will be reduced, and generally do not easily fade away.

4. Patients with breast fibroma are prone to breast pain, nipples become larger, and sometimes pain in the nipples.Breast fibroma is mostly in unmarried women. The tumor is mainly ovate. It feels smooth when touching, and the texture is relatively hard. There are obvious boundaries.When suffering from breast fibroma, timely treatment is needed to avoid inducing other breast diseases.

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