Blood in the sputum of expectant mothers did not care, and mistakenly treat the symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer as a pregnancy vomiting

During the pregnancy, women may have a reaction that they have not before. Some expectant mothers will specially check medical examinations, and some think they are caused by pregnancy and do not care.One of the cases to be said today is a expectant mother who obviously appeared in cough symptoms in cough in nasopharynx cancer, but thought it was caused by pregnancy vomiting, and almost delayed the treatment time. What was it like?Let’s understand together.

The expectant mother’s surname is Zhu. At the age of 33, there is a phenomenon of blood in sputum during pregnancy for no reason, and there is no other adverse reaction. Because she is pregnant, the expectant mother thinks that she is vomiting her own vomiting placeTo the end, I have never paid attention to it.And after Mother Zhu gave birth to her baby, the phenomenon of blood in the sputum also disappeared, which made Mom Zhu firmly strengthen the blood in the sputum caused by her pregnancy and vomiting.

The good times did not last long. Two months after the baby was born, Mother Zhu had symptoms of blood in sputum, and repeated left -neck pain appeared.Mom suffers from unlimized non -keratinized cancer, which is a type of nasopharyngeal cancer.

Although Ms. Zhu’s treatment is very smooth and the subsequent tumors have not recurred, the ECS early cancer screening platform still reminds friends that if you also have the following symptoms, you must not neglect, and be vigilant as nasopharyngeal cancer.

1. Nose bleeding

Nasopharyngeal cancer may have symptoms of bleeding in the early stages of bleeding. Whether it is blood in the nose with blood or blood in the nose when the nose is used, don’t ignore it.

2. Tinnitus and hearing decreased

If unknown one -sided tinnitus, bloating of the ear, and hearing decreased, you must consider suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma, because nasopharynx cancer may cause blockage of the eustachian tube during the growth process.

3. Nose breathing obstruction

When we have a cold, we often have unilateral nasal ventilation, but the body has no symptoms, and there is poor ventilation. It should also be vigilant, because if nasopharyngeal cancer is produced at the connection between the nasal cavity and nasopharynx,It is easy to block the patient’s nostrils.

4. Pain

Whether you are skull pain, migraine, pillow pain, or neck pain, you should pay attention to it.

5. Cervical nodule

If you have lymphatic nodes, the nodule state is relatively hard, painless, and poor movement, and the effect after anti -inflammatory treatment is not obvious. At this timePatients with cancer will experience lymph nodes in the early stage of onset.

The emergence of cancer is always invincible. Some of the common symptoms are obviously likely, but it is most likely the early warning response made by the early body of cancer.Follow the ECS early cancer screening platform and take you to understand more cancer alert on the body.

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