Blessed, small abdomen bulge, Yang Yuying was pregnant?I have dynamic suspected response

Can a 52 -year -old woman still get pregnant?

Yang Yuying’s fans,

Because this problem is so noisy!

Because when he was wearing a fluorescent green satin long skirt recently, the fans found that his figure was slightly blessed, and his abdomen was round.

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In addition, the staff are guarding the left and right like the enemy, so some people wondered if Sister Sister was pregnant?

According to the size of the belly, there is a level of three or four months.

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As soon as the skeptical voice came out, the emotions of some fans collapsed, thinking that this was considered anxious.

The 52 -year -old face is still sweet, the figure is still well, and the strength is still beating, but the audience is just because the skirt material is more fitted with the skin.

It was maliciously speculated as pregnancy. This is not the body’s anxiety. What is it?

Monroe still has a small belly. Is she a dream of a man of a full beautiful country?

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And it has always declared unmarried unmarried and unprepared love. Who is the child’s father?Can be made up at the age of close menstruation?

It is well -founded about the so -called rumors, but fans still firmly believe that Sweet Sister is pregnant.

After all, the degree of roundness and position is unlikely to be blessed, and there are doctors who are science. The age of menopause is 45 ~ 55 years old. Yang Yuying is within this age.

And in 2019, it has also been reported: Zaozhuang’s 67 -year -old super -old pregnant woman has successfully produced a child. At the age of 52, it is 67 years old and more than 10 years old. How can I not be pregnant?

▲ Ms. Tian, 67 -year -old Zaozhuang, was interviewed

As for the so -called no man, how can it prove that the unofficial announcement is?

Cecilia Cheung can have a three -child son in the case of being single, and who covers the man who is pregnant tightly, can Yang Yuying can’t?

In a word, all questions were gone.

▲ Cecilia Cheung’s three -child positive photo

Indeed, according to my sister’s emotional experience and growth experience, the situation of hidden marriage and hidden breeding is indeed very likely.

After all, after such a big storm, normal people are already cheap without crazy.

Mother Yang Huai was a big event worth celebrating the whole family, but everyone couldn’t laugh.

Because the child’s father died unexpectedly at work recently, it means that the child was born to face the situation of no dad’s shelter.

▲ Yang Yuying and her mother Xiong Yonghong

Someone persuaded Mother Yang to forget,

It’s hard to be orphans and widows;

Someone advised Yang Ma to keep it,

The family should be a companion.

In the proposal of Qiqiang, pregnant women are firm in their eyes: Be sure to give birth to the child, anyway, it is the inheritance of the first husband!

So Sister Tian took her mother’s ardent hope to land on the ground and named Yang Gangli.

▲ Childhood

The lives of orphans and widows are really difficult. Not only are the economical aspects, the lack of father’s role has also brought inconvenience to the mother and daughter.

▲ Yang Yuying, grandma, mother, sister

Fortunately, Sister Sweet was fighting, and she showed amazing musical talents at a young age. Therefore, Mother Yang also made tuition fees to her children and sent her to a professional training class.

Childhood who should have played mud.It is full of professional courses, and it can be imagined.

▲ student days

There is no hard work in the world. The teenage girls are not only admitted by the Normal University, but also have the favor of the Nanchang Song and Dance Troupe.

Yang’s mother Yang cried and cried over and over again, and said: Finally, she was right.

However, it turns out that this is a bit early.

During the song and dance troupe, he encountered his own Bole -Music Godfather Wu Songjin, and went to Guangzhou to see the world under his persuasion.

But at that time, Guangzhou was too rolled. Most mature musicians could only sing in the bar, not to mention she was a little rookie who was first arrived?

So the schedule during that period was: interview, rejected, and interview.

I don’t know how many shoes thrown, and I didn’t take the commute car leading to the music scene until Li Lingyu "played big names".

Because the treatment was not negotiated, the pigeon of the production company was temporarily released, and Wu Song made the opportunity to stuff the sweet sister as a substitute player into the recording studio.

▲ Yang Yuying and Master Wu Songjin

As the so -called heart -planted planting, the shade of the willow and will not be inserted, and the albums that catching the ducks were sold more than 200,000.

The shocked company executives quickly signed a contract with Sweet Sister, for fear that this recruiting cat went to other people’s house.

Then, under the company’s full efforts, it completely opened the music market with a "Wind and Water", which became a veritable sweet sister in the music scene.

However, there is a disadvantage of everything, and the luck is in the career, and there will be no regrets in other aspects, such as emotion.

After the famous company, the company fired CP and launched the golden boy and jade girl combination of Mao Ning and Yang Yuying, because it has always been consciously that the two people are consciously believed that the two are lovers.

▲ The company builds CP people settings

Perhaps because Yang Yuying is doing her career in one heart, maybe Mao Ning’s mother wants to find a northern girl, or maybe the two are really inappropriate;

In short, even if it is good to be able to open up the "sweet honey", the relationship is only at the level of colleagues and friends, and then the love of love that is gone.

▲ Xiu CP

At that time, the way ordinary people chased the star was to buy posters, tapes, and copied lyrics, but the big star chase method was to invite artists to appear on stage.

In ancient times, it was called the Baotai Church and the concert now. In short, Yang Yuying’s itinerary had an additional paper to Xiamen’s event contract.

On the eve of boarding the plane, I suddenly became ill and my throat was difficult. I wanted to pay a liquidated damage and cancel the activities. As a result, the other party had only one sentence: you can come.

▲ Sweet memories

I felt the sincerity of the other party, and the group went to the appointment. After arriving, I saw enthusiastic fans and the more enthusiastic Lai Lai.

The wine bureau pushed the cup and changed, and the mature man tentatively tentatively tentatively with the romantic and beautiful woman. Under the default of Yang Yuying, Boss Lai became his personal bodyguard.

▲ First go to Xiamen to participate in the event

When the goddess runs the air in the air, he followed him when he was running nationwide, and he sent 6 tiger heads to follow without time.

In short, the relationship between the two is the earliest "domineering president in love with Xiaojiao’s wife" template.

If the girl is doing her career, it is not difficult to hold the peak of the long legs.

▲ Yang Yuying and Lai Wenfeng and other friends gathering

After the relationship of love is stable, she is ready to leave the singing scene under the advice of her boyfriend.

When a man knows men better, as soon as the other party knows, he knows what shaped dung to push, so he strongly opposes the retreat of the love apprentice.

It was just that Yang Yuying had decided, and even if he turned his face with the teacher, he would not hesitate. At this point, the Bailing bird in the forest voluntarily became the golden bird in the small red building.

▲ Yang Yuying and Lai Wenfeng

For that good time Begonia, even after many years later, he smiled with eyebrows.

Even if her boyfriend’s "rollover" has been trapped in the quagmire, she still describes it as innocence, happiness, and a love of fate.

▲ Talking about Lai’s love

Because Boss Lai "does not keep the business", she is very spoiled to her girlfriend, and she will drink sheep milk around her in the morning light, and she will also watch the stars in the sky;

▲ Talking about the past with Lai

Will enjoy how the three children after the two will be educated, and accompany the girlfriend as the daughter’s pet, making up for the corner of Yang Yuying’s loss of his father’s love.

The boyfriend’s east windows are about to get rid of the sewing machine.

Unexpectedly, the outside pressure can only carry it by herself, especially under some media that has been stepping on the red, and the pure love soldiers have become: Porsche, gold worship, and preparing for marriage for the Lai family;

▲ Yang Yuying’s car in Xiamen

The rumors became "4 times of abortion, and it was difficult to get pregnant in this life", and so on.

In short, the first generation of sweet singers were crushed into mud, and they almost disappeared due to the pressure, but this was not a thunder.

After breaking up, Yang Yuying worked hard and thought that it would be possible to find more energy to find the market. However, there were more monks in the music scene.

▲ At the beginning of the return to Iraq, interview

So he was picked up under the reminder of the person with the heart, saying that he had been involved in Xie Dong and Dai Lao’s feelings.

▲ Xie Dong’s girlfriend Dai Lao

While Dai Rao’s gap, he hung his red belly pockets on the lumbar waist, and it was embarrassing to be blocked by Dai Fei who was suddenly returned to the house.

▲ Media reported Xie Dong Yang Yuying

At that time, Xie Dong was on the cusp of the wind because of illegal law, and was also reported by Wang Shuo as an illegitimate child.

It seems that the rumors are more credible with the rumored queen in the rumor.

▲ Wang Shuo’s post broke the news

What is even more terrible is Yang Yuying’s former teacher and boyfriend -Chen Yan did not know what reason, and even stood up and stabbed his kick.

In addition, neither parties responded to the attitude, the so -called rumors were directly defeated by fans, and the degree of shock and anger of fans was no less than Cecilia Cheung.

At this time, the betrayal was only one step away -breaking up with the teacher and the packet of the public.

The two of them did not know that outsiders did not know, but everyone could not help but push them to the category of forgetfulness.

▲ Musician Chen Yan

How high the voices followed in the past, how much the intensity of stepping on is now, seeing that it has become an out of reach, Yang Yuying has gone and returning to ordinary.

Although there are no sisters in the rivers and lakes, the news of her sister has been wandering. Some people say that she marries a life child in a low -key and goes too much;

Some people said that she was still waiting for her father’s boyfriend, and it was not until many years later that she was pulled by her former good brother Mao Ning, and then bundled again and announced her return.

▲ Return again

The times are changing, and the taste of fans is also changing. How far can I go back to see how many cups can be sold for the second time, unfortunately there are few cups.

Participating in variety shows is tepid and small performances have not gone, and even the "Sister Long Sister" variety shows still can’t move her.

The attention of fans is not on its stage strength, but is an emotional life that has not been married so far.

▲ Participate in Lang Sister

Someone is a daddy’s boyfriend to marry his child. Someone is a police officer for his first love boyfriend;

There are also people rumored that they are married and have children. Her husband is the son of actor Bao Guoan -Bao Yi;

Called herself as a hardcore fan of Yang Yuying, so she didn’t care about the goddess’s past. When her life was trough, she gave her a home.

▲ Bao Guoan and his son Bao Yi

None of the rumors have been certified, and it is difficult to determine whether the emotional life is actively picked up or the additional benefits of participating in variety shows.

After a show, except for the remarks of "love is a cherry on the cake", the audience couldn’t remember what she had performed.

Some people think that this sister’s sober speech, and some people think that this summary of life after Qianfan, in short, is no longer a little girl in love.

▲ Participate in Sister Lang’s discussion

Love is no longer the focus of the dictionary of life. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages and enjoying life is the key. Therefore, although the beauty is 52 years old, the face is well maintained and it looks like it is only 30.

It is precisely because of the old age of pregnancy, most people’s reactions are unbelievable.

After all, there is no throne at home, and some sisters "renewal" for the blood of the Yang family. Why do she have to take the danger of older production to add to herself?

Some people think that when you are young, you do n’t feel lonely, but as you get older, the desire to accompany will become more and more intense.

Just like the concubine in Xianfu Palace in the past, there was only 326 bricks and stones in the middle of the night without a child.

With the murmur, the palace was full of vitality, so Yang Yuying was not impossible to fertility in the old age.

On the occasion of fans, Yang Yuying shared photos on social accounts.

In the picture, although she is no longer like a youth decades ago, she has a slender limbs and a flat abdomen.

Although I didn’t say an extra word,

But the rumor intention is obvious!

However, I still remember that when Zhao Liying was exploded, she still responded to the rumor by splitting;

So is Yang Yuying’s bulging belly, is there a son -in -law or a small belly?Not sure!

It can only be said that everyone has their own right to choose. Birth and non -born should be decided by themselves rather than from the mouth of rumors.

Of course, it is not denying that its brokerage company uses this as an anchor point fried rice, giving the artist’s popularity, so it is not believed in melon, and then patience and so on.

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