Bleeding during ovulation, menstruation, are you still unclear?

The weather was hot last weekend. I asked friends to learn to swim. As a result, there was an emergency when she came out. She said that she might have a raid and couldn’t go.After speaking, she was very puzzled. She has always been a menstrual rule. This time, my aunt has just left for less than half a month. Why is it?And it is mainly some dark brown secretions. She asked me a little nervously, isn’t she gynecological disease herself?

Listening to her description, Xiaobian felt that 80 % had encountered bleeding during ovulation.Bleeding during ovulation refers to the period of ovulation in the middle of two menstrual period. Due to the short decrease of estrogen levels due to ovulation, the endometrium may fall off without the support of estrogen support, causing regular vaginal bleeding.Generally occur in 12-16 days of menstrual cycle, and the amount of bleeding is small. Sometimes it is just coffee-colored secretions. Some people may last for several hours, and some people will last for several days, but generally will not exceed 7 days.

Under normal circumstances, an accidental bleeding during ovulation does not need to be too tight. It may be related to endocrine disorders caused by excessive fatigue, tension, and decreased immunity. The bleeding situation will be repaired and stopped after the luteal formation of the luteum.

However, if the amount of bleeding is large or the bleeding time is greater than 7 days, the possibility of cervical lesions, endometrial polyps, and submucosal fibroids may be considered.

For pregnancy couples, the most concerned about how to prepare for pregnancy.Is it just in the ovulation period? Can I still have room in the case of bleeding?

This should be combined with the specific situation of female friends. If it is only a brown secretion, it can be arranged in the same room. After all, there is only one ovulation day every month, but you must pay attention to hygiene cleaning work to avoid infection.If bleeding occurs, it is recommended not to have the same room, one is to avoid infection, and the other is to figure out the cause of bleeding first.

To prevent bleeding during ovulation, female friends should pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of private parts, pay attention to rest daily, avoid excessive fatigue, try to maintain a happy mood, eat less cold stimulation food.

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