Bleeding and pain in the lower body of the same room with her husband are actually the nesting ring more than ten years ago through the uterus.

[Fan Come on] My name is Li Xiaojuan, 40 years old.On the evening of the weekend, after I was in the same bed with my husband Zhang Qiang, I felt a strong abdominal pain that I had never had before.At the same time, I found that my lower body was bleeding, but that was not my menstrual period.I tried to endure this pain, but it became more and more serious, and I finally fainted.

When I woke up, I found that I was in the hospital, and my husband Zhang Qiang looked at me eagerly.He told me that after I fainted, he immediately called the ambulance and sent me to the hospital.After a series of inspections, the doctor found that the birth ring I put in more than ten years ago passed through my uterine wall.

The breeding ring is a common contraceptive method. It prevents pregnancy by placing a device with contraceptive effects in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.Just like any medical intervention measures, there are some potential risks and side effects.

1. The harm of the birth ring to women

Risk of infection: There may be a risk of infection when placing a breeding ring.Although the birth ring itself does not cause infection, in the process of placement, if the operation is improper or the hygiene requirements are not strictly followed, bacteria or viruses may be introduced to cause infection.Infection may cause diseases such as endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease, and surgical treatment may be needed in severe cases.When choosing and placing a breeding ring, you should choose a qualified medical institution to ensure the safety and hygiene of operation.

Uterine perforation: Improper placement or improper use may cause uterine perforation, that is, the navigable ring penetrates the uterine wall.This situation may occur during the placement, or it may be caused by the displacement or inappropriate demolition of the breeding ring.Performing uterine perforation may require surgery repair and may affect future fertility.When selecting the birthplace and conducting regular review, doctors need to conduct professional assessment and guidance to ensure the correct use and location of the birthplace.

Menstruation abnormalities: After some women use the birthplasium, there may be problems such as irregular menstruation, increasing menstruation, or worsening menstruation.This is caused by the impact of the birth ring on the endometrium.Although these menstrual changes are usually normal, for individual women, this may have an impact on the quality of life and daily activities.If the menstruation is abnormal or continuously exist, it is recommended to consult a doctor’s advice.

Pain discomfort: Some women may experience discomfort such as pain, low back pain, abdominal pain, or "interactive" pain after using a birthplace.These symptoms may be caused by the stimulation of uterine and pelvic tissues in the birth ring.If the pain is serious or continuous, it is recommended to further evaluate and deal with the medical treatment.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy: After the use of childbearing ring, there are still very small possibilities of ectopic pregnancy, that is, embryos are in bed outside the uterus.Extraceamental pregnancy may occur in the fallopian tube and other parts. If it is not found and treated in time, it may lead to severe complications, including fallopian tube rupture and internal bleeding.If you use the symptoms of pregnancy (such as delayed menstruation, abnormal bleeding, etc.) after using a birthplace, you should check the examination in a timely manner.

Second, why ligments are generally ligated by women

Loao is usually performed by women, which is due to the following reasons:

1. Reverseness of surgery: Women’s ligation surgery is more likely to reverse than male ligation surgery.Although the purpose of ligation surgery is permanent sterilization, sometimes due to personal reasons or changing living conditions, some women may consider reverse surgical or IVF technology to achieve the possibility of re -pregnancy.

2. The convenience of surgery: Female ligation surgery is usually simpler and safer than male ligation surgery.Women’s fallopian tubes are easier to get closer and operational than male tubes, and the risk of surgical trauma and complications is lower.

3. Avoid the infringement of male reproductive organs: Male ligation surgery involves surgical operations on eggs, which may affect the reproductive function of men.To avoid this infringement, women’s ligation surgery is more common.

Third, the time of the birth ring in women’s body

Copper T -shaped nursery: The breeding ring is a kind of contraceptive method without hormones. It can usually stay in the uterus for 3 to 10 years.The use period depends on the specific product model and the advice of doctors.After the use period is over, you can choose to replace the new birthplace.

Hormone release: Hormone release of nursery ring is contraceptives containing progesterone or other hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone.They can usually stay in the uterus for 3 to 5 years.The period of use also depends on the specific product model and the advice of the doctor.

Fourth, the harm of ligation to women

Although women’s ligation surgery is relatively simple, there are still some potential harm and side effects:

1. Surgical risk: Female ligation surgery may lead to surgery -related risks, such as infection, bleeding, and failure of surgery.

2. Postoperative complications: Women may experience postoperative complications after ligation, such as postoperative pain, diarrhea, abdominal distension, etc.Most of these complications are temporary, but they still need to pay attention and process.

3. Psychological influence: ligation surgery may have psychological effects on some women, including anxiety, depression or regrets.This requires full consultation and psychological preparation before surgery.

As a common contraceptive method, the birthplasma ring has certain risks and side effects, such as risk and side effects, such as infection, uterine perforation, abnormal menstruation, pain discomfort, etc.Loeling surgery is usually performed by women, which is due to the reversibility, convenience of surgery, and avoiding the infringement of male reproductive organs.There are also some potential harm for women’s ligation surgery, such as surgical risk, postoperative complications and psychological effects.When choosing a birthplace method or ligation surgery, women should fully understand the relevant information, fully communicate with the doctor, and make decisions that meet personal needs and situations.

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