Bleeding after pregnancy may not be dangerous in the fetus, pregnant women don’t worry blindly

Wen | Tao Ma

Xiaojuan, who was less than 3 months pregnant, found bleeding when she went to the toilet all night.At that time, her first intuition was "it’s over, it’s about to have a miscarriage." Then she quickly called her husband. Her husband heard her bleeding and was even more nervous than Xiaojuan. She hurried to go to the hospital.After the doctor’s examination, the doctor said that the fetus development was normal. This is just normal bleeding, so don’t worry.Xiaojuan and the doctor confirmed that "Are you sure you won’t have a miscarriage?" The doctor said that he would pay attention to rest, and it was okay to maintain well.The little couple’s heart was put down.Most pregnant women are afraid of bleeding during pregnancy. After all, a major symptom of abortion is bleeding.If you see red in the early stages of pregnancy, do not scare yourself in pregnant women, not necessarily abortion.

Normal pregnancy can also bleed

In fact, many pregnant women will have redness in the early stages of pregnancy, but pregnant women should be clear that normal pregnancy will also occur.In the early pregnancy, when the fertilized egg was bed, it was necessary to implant the endometrium, and then took root there to germinate there.In this process, the capillaries around the bed are likely to occur.However, the amount of bleeding is not very large. Many times, the blood has not yet reached the level of "seeing red", and the blood has been re -absorbed.This bleeding is generally more than 30 days of pregnancy, more than 40 days, and then it lasts for one or two to one or two weeks.

If it is the following bleeding, pregnant women should pay attention

1. Fertilized eggs in bed are wrong

If the fertilized eggs are relatively low in the uterus, it is usually bed in the lower part of the uterus.In the process of increasing the uterus, cervical mucosa dislocation is prone to occur, thereby bleeding.If the embryo is too low in bed, it is likely to develop into a placenta front.If you have not moved up 28 weeks ago, it is the front placenta.

2. Extraura pregnancy bleeding

In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to worrying about miscarriage, pregnant women are also afraid of ectopic pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs are bed in the endometrium and then develop.However, some fertilized eggs are bed in other places outside the uterus. The common is the fallopian tube.If the fertilized eggs are in other places, the embryo will not get good blood supply and dysplasia.And with the development of the embryo, these parts have ruptured because they cannot withstand, and then cause bleeding in the abdominal cavity.The typical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are severe pain in the abdomen, with a large amount of bleeding, and some have faint and shock. Pregnant women need to go to the hospital immediately.

3. Modern bleeding

The symptoms of miscarriage are actually very similar to the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. They are a lot of bleeding and accompanied by severe abdominal pain.However, abortion is divided into many types, such as threatened abortion, inevitable abortion, retention of abortion, and so on.If it is difficult for pregnant women to judge, it is best to go to the hospital in time to minimize the damage.

Tao Ma said: The development of the embryo also has its own laws and rhythm. For example, if you can see the heartbeat of the fetus, it means that the fetus is still alive.If the embryo itself is not good, the pregnant woman is strong.Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to understand these situations in advance. Do not panic when bleeding occurred in the early stages of pregnancy. First, judge whether it is serious or not, and go to the hospital again.

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