Bill Gates’s 26 -year -old daughter officer was pregnant, her stomach has been rolling, and her Egyptian husband is very sweet.

On November 24, local time, Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda Gates’s eldest daughter-Jennifer Gates "official announcement" on social media.Yar Nasar is looking forward to their first child.

The couple stood close to each other. The background was Gates’s family located in the 142 -acre (about 57.5 hectares) manor in North Selham, New York, which is the place where Jennifer and Nayer held a wedding.

The 26 -year -old Jennifer wore a dark green dress, holding his stomach with a very obvious bulging, showing his mother’s love.

From the rolling belly, it can be speculated that Jennifer has been pregnant for at least six months, and she was "silent" before. Obviously, she wanted to announce good news on the special day of "Thanksgiving".

Although Jennifer had not disclosed pregnancy to the outside world before, at the end of last month, the young daughter of the Gates’ family, 19 -year -old Phoebe Gates, revealed that her sister was pregnant and "accidentally" revealed thatEssence

She shared a photo of a friend who took the common friend of the two people-Page Belishimo’s wedding banquet on social media. At that time, Jennifer and Nayer were beside him.Ferbi added a phrase "Sorry, why is my mother and dad kissing?" Can be so ridiculous. Obviously, the relationship between the two sisters is very close.

Before the wedding, Page (Dad Mark Belishimo is a well -known developer in Wellington), like Jennifer, also hosted a party with the theme of denim.

At that time, Jennifer chose a dark floral skirt, and she could find that her waist was really thicker.

Jennifer got married in mid -October last year. The wedding scale was very grand. It is reported that the cost reached $ 2 million (about 14.3 million RMB). The only thing saved was the venue fee.

Wearing a Chinese female designer Vera Wang, who is known as "Wedding Queen", designed the wedding dress herself, Jennifer smiled very brightly. She called her husband "my universe".

Nayer, who can marry the top wealthy girl, is also a good generation. Although personal information has not been made too much, it can be known from his childhood equestrian. Family capital is quite strong.

Nayer, 31, is currently a full -time equestrian athlete. He looks forward to participating in the Olympic Games, and Jennifer is a student at a medical school, and it is unknown whether he is going to school during pregnancy.

Regarding Jennifer’s pregnancy, Microsoft founders, 67, did not express their opinions, but Melinda, who ranked among hundreds of millions of rich women because of divorce, was very excited, although she should have known her daughter’s pregnancy.

"I was urgently wanted to see this little guy, and watching the two of you became parents, I felt extremely excited." Minda, who was about to become a grandmother, said so. In addition, she also reposted Jennifer’s "official announcement" photos of pregnancy, and addedAfter a line of text, "I still can’t laugh."

On the day of "Thanksgiving", Melinda, 58, also took photos on social media, showing her three children when she was a child. "When you have such a sweet family, it is hard to worry aboutTaking gratitude. "

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