Big S was exposed with Wang Xiaofei before the wedding, and he had a small property before the wedding. He would flash marriage after more than 20 days. Who is the baby?

The story of Big S and Wang Xiaofei has appeared again. Some time ago, Wang Xiaofei and Da S’s mother ate together. They were also happy to accompany the children. Originally, they thought that "Taipei Unforgettable" should be an end.As a result, there was a reversal of the matter. The Taiwan media revealed that because the mother S’s mother had no consent of the big S, she took the child to see Wang Xiaofei. Now that the relationship between Da S and his mother is also very tense, it has reached the point of not in contact.

This is nothing, and the Taiwan media also came out of N -year things.We all know that Big S has been born once after giving birth, and his body has not been very good.The Taiwanese media broke the news on May 10. In fact, Da S and Wang Xiaofei had been aborted more than once after together. When the two were held in Sanya, Hainan on March 22, 2011, the big S had just finished the small birth and dragged the weak body to go.At the wedding scene, I attended my wedding.

It stands to reason that since it is just a small property, you should raise your body well. Why should you get married in a hurry after the small delivery?Because the wedding at that time had been organized for a long time, the invitation had been sent out, and the big S was another person who wanted to face. Of course, it was not allowed to prepare for such a long time because it was affected by small production.Therefore, Big S was dragged as a bride with a weak body.As a result, the guests at the wedding and what happened became a farce. Every time I talked about this wedding, the big S was very speechless.

And there will be no good reputation before the wedding, and it is likely to be a stain for the big S, which has always been good. At that time, when some media exposed the abortion of the big S, the big S’s agent was the first first.Time issued a statement to rumors.Now I was mentioned again, is it the big S to sell miserable?

After the news of the large S miscarriage, the news of the Internet instantly caused heated discussions on the Internet.However, everyone’s attention was not how much the big S loved Wang Xiaofei at the time would drag the weak body attending the wedding. Everyone was doubting who the child was abortion?After all, when Da S and Wang Xiaofei got married belonging to flash marriage, Da S also said that she and Wang Xiaofei got married in less than a month.It is likely to be Wang Xiaofei.

There are more than one netizens who have such doubts. Many netizens have similar guessing, especially their boyfriends before the big S. It is likely that Wang Xiaofei has become a receiver.

Of course, the media also said that the two were only held in Sanya, Hainan in Sanya, Hainan.In other words, people have been married for four months, and children are normal.

Of course, some netizens do not buy it. They believe that since they are their own children, why they have to be killed, they are already married, and they have been acknowledged in law. Why do they dare to admit it?Not only to get married, that is, poor physical fitness, and there is nothing to say after abortion. Why deny it?

Of course, these speculations of netizens are not unreasonable, but we still try to think of people as much as possible. Maybe Big S must not want to be voted for compassion at the wedding scene.

Speaking of the love of Da S and Wang Xiaofei, it was also a good story.At first sight of the young master of Beijing and the glamorous stars, he did something that many people dared not think about it.After marriage, Wang Xiaofei is also considerate of Big S. As a person with hundreds of millions of products in the family, he was willing to wrong himself to leave Beijing and live in Taiwan.Countless times a year, air tickets alone make ordinary people amazing.

Big S is also very good for Wang Xiaofei. After childbirth, the body is not very good, but in order to give birth to Wang Xiaofei’s child, he is willing to try various methods and seek medical treatment everywhere.In order to raise your body, the big S has also changed the habit of eating vegetarian food for many years, and began to eat food to achieve a nutritional balance.Even the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine made himself pregnant in the third year after marriage, and gave birth to Xiaoyuer.

When there was a second child, the big S had a major bleeding, and it almost did not come out of the delivery room.As a result, the epilepsy recurred. When it comes to the experience of having a second child, Wang Xiaofei also expressed his dangerousness.It can be seen that the big S at that time was indeed true love for Wang Xiaofei.Originally thought that after the ghost gate was closed, the big S should not be able to regenerate the child, but it didn’t take long, and the big S had a third child again, but because of physical reasons, the third child was not able to keep it. This is why we all knowThe big S is produced.

Judging from these things, Big S and Wang Xiaofei’s feelings were also good at that time. To this day, it can only be said that destiny is too tricky.Fortunately, Big S is not completely in love. Although it is not possible to make a deal with Wang Xiaofei, according to Taiwan media reports, Da S has already made a notarization of property, and all the property given by Wang Xiaofei has been given to the children.Jun Yan returned to South Korea with a breath.

From this point of view, the road of big S is also very bumpy.Of course, compared with these things, netizens may now want to know whether the child who produced Big S and Wang Xiaofei before the wedding was Wang Xiaofei.Why did not tell you the same as the third child after miscarriage, attracting a wave of sympathy and attention?

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