Beer soaked wolfberry to stay up late to apply mask … You are afraid of other health care!

The rock singer soaked in wolfberry in the thermos cup triggered the biggest booing in 2017.The increasingly higher hairline, the increasingly brighter mind, the gradually relaxed big belly, and a series of trivial health habits have become the symbol of middle -aged people.

In this carnival, the mood of young people in the post -90s was particularly complicated. They seemed to see their greasy middle -aged, and they were not far away at the end of their hands. They waved their fat hands to them.

Young people who are in the past poetry and wine have to worry about their hairline.The work pressure is so high, but I ca n’t sleep at two o’clock at night. I can get my spirit every day by coffee. The takeaway does n’t have a cola to eat. How can I not be old?

As a result, the post -90s also took up the thermal insulation cup and diligently healthy.However, they disdain the health posts reposted by parents, but are keen on all kinds of health recipes.

Tired of staying up late, diligent skin care

No matter what happened at night, it is too late. Once lying on the bed and turn off the lights, if you do n’t turn on the phone to do something, you will feel that you do n’t have a good ending all day. This is probably the sense of ritual in the legend.

Staying up late naturally has no benefit to the skin, so as a young girl in the new era, skin care must be done. You have to apply a more expensive mask, and then apply a cream.So, they lay on the bed, applying the mask while playing with their mobile phones.In the middle of the night, it really was shocked every time I saw it. Every time I saw it.

Staring at the screen every day is not good for the eyes, replace the wallpaper with the eyes, let the eyes relax.

Beer plus wolfberry diet and health. Who am I?

Drink and hurt your body, add wolfberry and drink wolfberry with wine to drink together, so you should work off, right?If you are interested in the brothers who drink together, you can also come to the top, and make up for it.If you drink Bailan Di, you must go to better tonic medicines, such as Citi Ginseng, Luo Han Guo, and the effect of seasoning.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not good for the stomach, then drink a cup of honey chrysanthemum tea, and then drink coffee.

Eating ice cream during the physiological period is too cold, choose the balance of red dates.

During weight loss, I wanted to eat potato chips. For health, I ate cucumber.

I haven’t eaten fruits for a long time, eat a mango ice.

Survival, eating a stomach and eliminating tablets.

The left hand is healthy and healthy, no one can put it

In winter, you can roll your trouser legs.Wearing porn jeans, you have to stick to the warm baby in the hole.

I wore skirts today, and my legs and feet are cold. This is not good for health. For health, take out a special purchase of foot bathtub at night to soak my feet.

What should I do if my body is cold in winter?Take hot pot, heat and sweat, and lose weight!

… …

Seeing these "wit" post -90s have such "good health tricks", it is really a capital service …

A little fish!This is exactly the complete collection of self -destroying God!

Want to use these self -deception methods to talk about masturbation, don’t you dream!Intersection

How to maintain health, it seems that I really have to teach you well–

First, we must ensure sleep quality.The sober and agile brain is the greatest guarantee for you to improve your work efficiency and properly handle things during the day. At the same time, sufficient and high -quality sleep will accelerate your body’s metabolism and keep your body relaxed and vibrant.

Secondly, diet must ensure high quality.Try not to touch raw cold food, tobacco and liquor, etc.Nutritional intake is as balanced as possible. At the same time, do not eat too much for each meal, and an old saying: Drink plenty of water.

Finally, maintain a certain amount of exercise when conditions permit.Exercise is not just to control weight and weight loss. A moderate amount of exercise can enhance your immune function and keep you away from the threat of some diseases.

Nowadays, standardizing self -behavior for health has become the most difficult self -discipline in this era.No matter what age you are, for your health, you can shut down and sleep in the right time, and exercise to eat under the regular work and rest. This is the coolest and coolest thing, isn’t it?

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