Because of smoking a box of smoke, the wife will divorce

The 28 -year -old Xiaohui and the 30 -year -old Zhang Tao met with each other.

Both of them are college students, Xiaohui is studying medicine. She is a doctor in a local three hospitals. Zhang Tao is an engineer in a local company.

Xiaohui’s family is in the countryside. The university is examined in this city and then employed here. The salary income is quite high.

Zhang Tao’s family is from this city. His parents originally worked in the enterprise and now retired. The pension is not very high. Each person is 3,400 yuan per month.

Xiaohui and Zhang Tao belonged to the love at first sight. Xiaohui was relatively high. Before, the people also introduced many objects, but they had no eye. After seeing Zhang Tao, both of them had a feeling of meeting each other.

Two people are together, there are endless topics, and they can basically reach an agreement on a topic.

However, Zhang Tao has a disadvantage that he loves smoking. Xiaohui is studying medicine. She knows that smoking is harmful, and the harm to the human body is very great. Especially when she was in a medical anatomy class, she saw that the lungs of the smokers were black.In this way, he thought that the husband she was looking for would never allow smoking.

After half a year of getting along, Xiaohui solemnly proposed that Zhang Tao had to quit smoking, otherwise she would break up, because she couldn’t tolerate her other half as a smoker, she particularly hated smoking!

Zhang Tao listened to Xiaohui’s suggestion and promised to quit smoking. He said that for Xiaohui, he could do everything.

I didn’t expect Zhang Tao to quit smoke, and Xiaohui was particularly happy, because she felt that Zhang Tao was a man, and she could do what she promised.

So she told Zhang Tao again that I had to say ugly. After marriage, if I found that you had smoking, I would divorce you without saying a word, because this is my bottom line.

Zhang Tao agreed, "Rest assured, I promise you, I won’t do it.

In this way, after half a year, the two people held the wedding in May 1st.

The new house was bought before Xiaohui’s marriage. The conditions of Zhang Tao’s family were not good. His parents were weak and sick. The pensions were not very high, so they couldn’t afford a house.

But Xiaohui didn’t care about this, because he liked Zhang Tao, so she paid more and felt willing!

After getting married, both of them focused on work. Xiaohui worked in the hospital. Although it was hard within 8 hours, her family was closer to the hospital.The second time Xiaohui carefully made the rice, waiting for Zhang Tao to come back to eat.

Zhang Tao is more enjoyable, Xiaohui is willing!

In less than half a year, Xiaohui found that she was pregnant, but Xiaohui was more strong, and she always insisted on going to work. At get off work, there were a lot of housework.

After 5 months of pregnancy, Xiao Hui’s mother came to Xiaohui’s house from the countryside to help her daughter cook and clean up her housework.

However, Xiaohui’s mother is a rural person. She does not use the family appliances in Xiaohui’s family. Sometimes Zhang Tao teaches her mother -in -law to make it. However, after all, the old man is old and cannot remember it once.

Zhang Tao said with a very loud voice to the mother -in -law, impatiently, I taught you several times, and you can’t remember it.

The mother -in -law was very aggrieved, and sometimes she could see that she was angry. Xiaohui heard Zhang Tao talking to her mother next to her. Of course, she was unhappy.The two are not here for meals.

Zhang Tao walked out as soon as he fell the door. He didn’t go home in the middle of the night. He was so anxious that Xiaohui had to call him to call him, telling him not to be angry, so Zhang Tao was willing to come back.

The child was born, and the mother -in -law came to take care of it for a few months. I felt that life was not convenient, so I went home, and Xiao Hui’s mother came to help look at the child.

Xiaohui knew that her husband didn’t look at her mother, so she tried to help her mother work as much as possible to avoid the contradictions at home.

The child was three years old and gave kindergarten. Xiaohui’s mother also returned to the countryside. The heavy responsibility of the family fell on Xiaohui because Zhang Tao’s unit was far away from home.

After Xiaohui got into the class, he picked up the child and had to cook home. After eating, Zhang Tao looked at the child for a while. After she finished packing, Zhang Tao went downstairs and bent. Xiaohui had to look at the child until the child wasCoax sleep.

When I was resting on Saturdays and Sundays, Xiaohui asked Zhang Tao to cook, and Zhang Tao did not say no, but after this meal was done, it was the symphony of Dingdang pot and pans.In this home, the air is particularly nervous.

One night, Xiaohui coaxed the child to sleep. When he was caught up with Double 11, he wanted to buy a cotton suit for Zhang Tao. Because he could not choose the size, he got up and thought of Zhang Tao’s coat.When he took Zhang Tao’s coat, he touched a hard thing in his pocket.

At that time, she was stunned in her heart. When she took out this thing, it was a pack of cigarettes she thought and unwilling to see.

Because she once said that as long as she found that Zhang Tao had smoking after marriage, he was going to break with him. This day was really coming.

Xiaohui did not control her emotions. Although Zhang Tao had fallen asleep, she woke him up.

She asked Zhang Tao when this cigarette began to smoke?

Zhang Tao said: "After getting married, I started to draw."

Xiaohui asked: "Why don’t you keep your promise?"

Zhang Tao said, "I feel too stressful!"

Xiaohui asked him: "Do you remember what I said to you before marriage"?

Zhang Tao said, "I remember, you give me another chance, I will quit immediately!"

Xiao Hui cried sadly. She remembered what she had said, and found that he had smoking, and he would divorce him.

But now with a child, she feels unable to choose, but she hates smoking people too much.

Xiao Hui remembered that he had been particularly depressed in the past three years that he had been married in the past three years. Zhang Tao’s personality became very different from before marriage. Zhang Tao did not respect his mother, and he felt for granted. As a man, he was narrowed.Willing to bear family responsibilities.

Thinking of this, she was in a dilemma!

Do you think Xiaohui should divorce?

As a bystander, give Xiaohui a suggestion!

Marriage is not perfect. What you imagine is so beautiful, and you can’t live according to the rules you formulated!

Everyone has the characteristics of each person. In the process of growing up in life, each person has every stage of difficulty at each stage. The person’s personality will change, and the person’s original point of view will change. You ask others to do it to do it.Perfect, can you do so perfectly?

So I advised Xiao Hui to take a step back, give Zhang Tao a chance, let him quit smoke, talk to him once, and let him know the hard work of bringing children.To solve the problem, we can go longer!

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