Because of emotional discord, the wife poured the toxic into the drink for her husband to drink, but the result …

Due to long -term disagreement, his wife then killed her husband’s thoughts, and deliberately put the poisonous pesticide in the beverage bottle and handed it to the husband to drink, causing a poisonous coma.

Recently, the People’s Court of Qingxian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province made a judgment of the case in this case. The defendant Zhang Li (pseudonym) sentenced him to five years in prison for suspected intentional homicide.

After hearing, it was found that in 2022, Zhang Li purchased a bottle of "3911" (pesticides) pesticides and hid him in the room.The next morning, I bought beer and lemonade drinks and poured pesticides into lemonade drinks.At 19:00 that day, Zhang Li met her husband Bai Qiang (a pseudonym) who came home on the bottom of the middle slope. Zhang Li asked her husband to drink the lemonade drinks she carried. After drinking the husband, the husband felt a bit bitter, so he threw the drink to the drink.River beach.After that, he went home with his wife.

After returning home, Bai Qiang had abdominal pain and vomiting symptoms shortly after going to bed. His daughter and his family sent it to the hospital. The hospital diagnosed it for pesticide poisoning, severe lung infection, acute gastric mucosal lesions, and myocardial damage.Bai Qiang recovered after treatment after treatment.

In the statement confirmed, Bai Qiang stated that his wife took out drinks with pesticides to drink after seeing him that day. "I felt a bit bitter after drinking two sips, and my wife also asked me to drink.My wife asked me to drink beer again, and I saw that the bottle was opened without drinking. "Bai Qiang said that the wife had no family atrocities to divorce him.

Bai Qiang’s daughter said that on the day of the incident, the younger sister said that her father was uncomfortable. When she went home to check the situation, her mother closed the bedroom door. "After the door was opened, my dad was lying on the bed.The eyes are squinting and whitening. "

The court believes that the defendant Zhang Li ignored the lives of others. Due to the emotional problems of the husband and wife, he deliberately put the poisonous pesticide armor in the beverage bottle and handed it to the victim Bai Qiang to drink it. He illegally deprived of others’ lives.The criminal facts accused by the public prosecutor’s organs are clear, the evidence is indeed sufficient, the crime is established, and the court supports it.The defendant Zhang Li was convicted of intentional homicide and sentenced to five years in prison.

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Source: Hainan Special Economic Zone News

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