Beautiful nail art for pregnancy?The lucky goddess will not be accompanied at all times!

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Author 丨 Pigeon Dr. ID: Air863

I have to say that this is a prosperous age. All of them are called goddesses. All handsome are called male gods. Too many people are thinking about how to make themselves more beautiful.Love beauty is the nature of human beings. This is understandable, but not everyone applies this theory, because at least for people such as pregnant women, some risk factors during pregnancy should be far away.

A few days ago, I accompanied my friends to the nail shop to do nails. When I resting at the side, I walked in in the store and blindfolded pregnant women. I saw at least five or six months of pregnancy, but I still drew a thick makeup.Nail art, what is angry is that the lady in the shop also strongly welcomed this pregnant woman. She also recommended the so -called more than 1,000 yuan constitution meal.The irresponsible mother and the non -responsible shopping guide really have a problem who is responsible, maybe they have never thought about it.

In order to adapt to the trend, it is nothing to be a nails itself. Everyone who loves beauty is not much to say, but can you really be a manicure for pregnant women?Is it really safe?Maybe many people don’t think of this problem.

The most important thing about nails itself is to apply nail polish. No matter what kind of nail polish, it is impossible to be completely harmful as this shop says. Pigeons still persuade you to do it.Wind blowing grass can cause abortion during pregnancy, it is best to stay away from the nail art.

Maybe some pregnant mothers will be disdainful and feel that there is nothing to apply nails, but it must be understood that in order to keep nail polish on the nails for a long time without falling, it contains a lot of chemical components that are not good for the body.Perhaps nothing, but for pregnant women, this is a timing bomb.

Let’s take a look at what components of nail polish in nails: acetic acid, acetone, ethyl, phenyl -dyshaxyate (sorbate) and pigmentation are the main components of nail polish. Without these ingredients, there is no wayDo you want to do a beautiful nail art?

For the fragile pregnancy, if you use nail polish, you will increase the opportunity to enter the pregnant woman in the body of the pregnant woman. What is titanate?This is a chemical element that is very easy to cause abortion of pregnant women and cause fetal malformations. If these chemical components are absorbed by the fetus, even if the baby’s surface has no deformities, there will be various problems in future growth and development.Especially the damage to male treasure genitals is extremely great.

And nail polish has theoretically risk of carcinogenic. Even if there are no relevant cases at present, the danger still exists, especially the body of the pregnant woman during pregnancy is relatively fragile.As sensitive pregnancy becomes more uncomfortable, if it causes physical discomfort and abortion, it is almost worthless. Therefore, even if you really love beauty, you should avoid it as much as possible to perform nails during pregnancy. Do not make heavy makeup during pregnancy.It is not necessary to remember when it is necessary. Even if it is light makeup, you must be cautious, which is responsible for yourself and the fetus.

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