Be careful when you become beautiful, whether you cut short or hot, you need to know these things

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Girlfriends rarely come out after pregnancy. I finally met for dinner on weekends. As soon as I met, I found that my girlfriend had been cut short for several years.Yeah. "It turned out that her mother -in -law said that the pregnant woman’s long hair would fight for nutrition with the fetus, and she had to cut her long hair for four or five years.Although my girlfriends expressed their unwilling thoughts, they did not want to conflict with my mother -in -law in such trivial matters, and finally compromised.Maybe many pregnant mothers have heard such a statement when they are pregnant, but is there really a scientific basis for this statement?

The answer is of course negative, and the hair does not compete with the baby for nutrients.Pregnant mothers do not have to cut their hair for this to give their children more nutrition. The length of hair depends entirely on the personal preference of the pregnant mother.

Since hair does not compete with children, why are most of women who are pregnant?I think this is probably just because short hair is easier to clean, it is more convenient to take care of children, and it can also reduce the possibility of hair cutting the baby.

The growth of the hair itself really requires nutrients. During the growth of hair, the hair ball obtains nutrients to promote the value -added and differentiation of cells from the nipples, thereby synthesizing keratin to form hair.Need nutrition.But the growth process of hair is inside the skin, and the hair we see with the naked eye is actually "death" material.Therefore, even if the pregnant mothers cut their long hair, they cannot prevent the hair from absorbing nutrients to continue growing.

In fact, the pregnant mothers may wish to think about it from another angle. Even if the growth of the hair really requires the supply of nutrients, compared with the nutrients required for the growth and development of the fetal baby, it can be described as the degree of nine cattle and one hair.Coupled with the supplementation of nutrition during pregnancy, the part of the growth of hair growth, the pregnant mothers do not have to worry about it.

In addition to cutting short hair, the problem of hairstyle during pregnancy is hot dyeing hair.

There are people who love beauty, and pregnant mothers are no exception.During pregnancy, expectant mothers will struggle whether they can dye their hair or hot hair.At present, there is no direct data that the pregnant mother’s hot hair will have a adverse effect on the baby’s baby, but it cannot deny that it will not harm the baby baby.Because it is certain that chemical supplies such as potion reagents used for hot hair are harmful to the baby, but it is not directly used in the baby’s itself, so the interest cannot be determined.Be careful about the pregnant mother who can bear it, and wait until the successful "unloading" and then a beautiful transformation.

Have you seen short hair during pregnancy?Have you ever thought about hot hairstyle?


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