Baths cause fetal suffocation?Pregnant mothers do n’t care about bathing, bathing during pregnancy is correct

After women are pregnant, she always treats her body carefully, as if it is a delicate porcelain doll, worrying that it might be injured by injury. Even if pregnant women take a bath randomly before pregnancy, be careful!What should I pay attention to during bathing during pregnancy to ensure that my mother is cleaning and baby health?All pregnant mothers should ignore the following points.

Main frequency

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body and the accelerated metabolism of the human body, the skin secretion of oil and sweat is much faster than the average person, so the bathing frequency should be much more diligent than the average person.If conditions permit, pregnant women should take a shower once a day.Like the current high temperature, you can take a bath twice a day.If you can’t take a bath at any time for some reason, you should also wipe it with warm water every day to keep the skin clean.

control time

During bathing, the temperature and humidity of the bathroom are high, the space is small, and a large amount of energy is required for bathing.If the bathing time is too long, pregnant women will easily dizziness, hypoxia, etc.If it cannot be relieved in time, it may even lead to insufficient blood supply to the fetus, affect the development of the fetus, and may cause the fetus to suffocate death.EssenceTherefore, it is recommended that pregnant women try to keep the time within 20 minutes after a bath to avoid accidents.

Proper water temperature

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, but the pregnant mother cannot wash cold water for coolness.This may cause blood vessels to shrink, affect blood circulation and affect fetal development.When taking a bath during pregnancy, you need to control the water temperature so that the skin will not feel cold.Generally speaking, the water temperature is around 38 ° C.In addition, some pregnant mothers may choose to rinse with cold water and hot water to increase skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks.However, this method is very dangerous.Not only can it not effectively prevent stretch marks, but it may also stimulate the uterine contraction and cause abortion, so the mother should not do so.

Avoid taking a bath

The ability of pregnant women to resist bacteria is weak.Sitting in the bathtub can easily cause bacteria to enter the vagina, cause urinary tract infections, cause fever, abdominal pain and other problems, and endanger the health of mothers and fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women should not choose a bathtub, but choose a relatively safe shower method.In order to prevent pregnant women from slipping in the shower, family members should prepare anti -slip pads and anti -skids in the bathroom to prevent accidents.

In short, pregnant women are indeed a relatively "precious" group, so they must be careful even if they take a bath.In the early stages of pregnancy, when exercise is more agile, the mother can take a bath independently.When the body becomes heavy, it is best to accompany the pregnant mother when taking a bath to avoid accidents.In fact, if the husband has time, he may wish to take a bath with his wife, so that he can not only "wait" at any time, but the relationship between the husband and wife will be more intimate!

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