Bathing during pregnancy, you must remember to avoid these minefields, otherwise it may endanger mother and child health

In the third trimester of pregnancy, there may be various changes in the body of pregnant women. Many pregnant women find that they have a difficult taste on their bodies. For example, milk and sweaty taste are unbearable, so they always take a bath for personal hygiene.In fact, bathing has many benefits to the mother and child, but you must pay attention to the following points in the process of bathing, otherwise it may be very harmful to the health of the fetus.

1. Avoid taking bath

Speaking of how to take a bath during pregnancy, many pregnant women will take it for granted that it is not good to sit and wash it?It’s easy and comfortable.In fact, the way of bathing and bathing in pregnant women is wrong. The immunity of women during pregnancy will be reduced. If you choose to take a bath, it will easily cause bacterial infections.The correct bathing posture during pregnancy should be shower, especially in the third trimester, you can minimize the possibility of infection disease.

2. Breast

When cleaning the breasts, the movement should be gentle, do not pull the breasts hard.It should be gently holding the breast with one hand, and the other hand is rubbed gently in the clockwise direction. You can also apply the shower gel dedicated to pregnant women to increase the smoothness of the skin.The shrinkage of the uterus.

3. Pregnant mothers should take a shower.

Because after pregnancy, sweat and sebaceous gland secrete strong, it is easy to sweat.If the secretion of sweat and head oil is increased, you must take a shower.Bathing frequently can prevent infection and reduce the incidence of skin diseases;

4. Pregnant mothers should be accompanied when they take a bath to prevent accidents

5. The bath time is too long

When pregnant mothers take a bath, it is best not to exceed 20 minutes.Because the indoor humidity in the bathroom is large and the oxygen content is low, the long bath of pregnant women will likely cause insufficient blood supply to the brain and symptoms such as dizziness and dazzling.In severe cases, it may also affect the development of the fetal nervous system.

6. Don’t take a bath on an empty stomach or after meals

Many pregnant mothers like to take a hot bath immediately after eating dinner, and then you can easily watch TV easily and comfortably. In fact, after eating, the pregnant mother is not suitable to take a bath immediately. First of allThe poor digestion of pregnant mothers is not conducive to the digestion of meals in the stomach and stomach. Secondly, it may cause mixture in the pregnant mother. There is a certain risk.In addition, pregnant mothers cannot take a bath on an empty stomach. Bathing on an empty stomach can easily make people feel uncomfortable. Many people have this feeling, let alone pregnant mothers.

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