Basic feeding of Dutch pigs

1. It is about the choice of Dutch pigs. Of course, it is best to choose a place for buying pigs or pet shops (professional breeds). Do not recommend Taobao and refuse to express delivery. If you choose to choose, pay attention to the following points: observe whether there are too many secretions in the eyes.Whether the nose has a snot, etc., the ears are clean, are there any scars (or whether the hair is wet and sticky) Whether the wound operation is normal, etc., and pay attention to whether the teeth are flat.

2. Of course, the basic equipment cage of pigs is necessary (you cannot use a hamster cage to replace or use a carton storage box what to mess up instead.)Don’t you need a bowl for eating? ?? Do not explain) Muries (not wasted grass) kettles (preferably the dirt of the rolling beads will not go in the kettle or often wash it, otherwise it will grow things.)There is a small nest in winter warm and summer.

3. The recipe of pigs: less than 6 months of the main grass Timore, supplemented by the main grass, supplemented by 6 months to stop and feed.Rich, why do you want to change Tysi to play for example, is your milk when you were a kid????? 苜蓿 苜蓿 苜蓿 苜蓿 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰 丰.Of course, the nutrition that can be fed by pregnancy and postpartum pork may be asked why it is to choose to feed Tip Moses. Because Tysi is a high -fiber high fiber, it can promote the peristalsis of the pig’s gastrointestinal, help it digestion) and then the pig is the pig.Grain (can’t feed other animals of grain per pig more than 20g 20g a day, estimate it) The recommended brand of grains New Aiji Mu Bao, Aibao, does not recommend bulk Zuli and Kelly starch contentVC

4. Next, let me talk about what pigs can eat or what they can eat (please remember that pigs are vegetarians! Never feed meat and milk, of course, and can not feed beans.Food you spent: cakes or other composite vitamins can not be fed and can not eat spoiled and frozen)

Vegetables that can be eaten by pigs: mint beet leaf corn -dried outer skin leather carrot dandelion sweet peppers (vc high can be fed frequently) purple flowers bud celery (only leaves can be less or not feed) clover lettuce osteenogs and spinachCoriander (high calcium!), Etc.

Fruit: Apple (Seed Seeds) Grandma Blueberry Dragon Fruit Handeli Mourno Orange (peeled) Papaya (beautiful hair) peach grapes, pineapple, Lizi strawberry and cucumber (not eaten with VC food) pear (not to eat seeds, bloating) bananas(Remember to eat it occasionally or not.) The small amount of dried fruits cannot be given often [If you are not sure if you can feed if you can feed, ask more]

Pigs that are not eaten by pigs (do not feed if they are killed): Cross Flower (cannot be fed or not explained) Bean -horn potato beet corn (but corn skin can) all kinds of beans of sweet potato bamboo shoots of peas (but mung bean soup can be availableDrinking pigs that are too hot in the summer can feed mung bean soup, but to remove mung beans without adding no seasonings) Fernabing Fern root tea, big yellow leaf onion, orange peel, butter seeds, nuts and cabbage.If you are fed, please ask more about lard and the like to avoid unnecessary things)

Finally, a warm reminder: Don’t bother him when the pig just arrives home.Remember Olympic

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