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Coix rice, also known as coix seed, barley, and barley. It is the seeds of the herbaceous plants of the gradients. It is a commonly used Chinese medicine and a commonly eaten food.It is planted in most parts of my country.Indicators are rich in protein and amino acids, which can promote metabolism.At the same time, it is also rich in B vitamins that can promote the metabolism of the three major nutrients, which will not increase cholesterol content and can eat it with peace of mind.

Dietary Guide

The general population of barley can be edible, especially suitable for patients with various cancer patients and people with arthritis, acute chronic nephritis, edema, cancer ascites, and fluttering limbs.Barley also has a significant beauty effect, and it is also suitable for beauty lovers. If there are acne and freckles, it can be eaten.However, due to the significant effects of barley and wet and smooth and smooth, patients with nocturnal emission, enuresis, and pregnant women should not be eaten, and those with less sweat and constipation should not be consumed.

Healthcare State Station

"Analgesic and anti -inflammatory": Indicators are rich in protein and various amino acids, which can promote the metabolism in the body and have anti -inflammatory and analgesic effects. Therefore, it can alleviate rheumatism and arthritis that are susceptible to the season.

"Skin removal and freckle": Coix rice also contains coixin, which can inhibit the growth of horizontal muscles. Frequent use can keep the skin of the human body’s skin delicate, eliminate acne, freckles, pregnancy spots, and elderly spots. It is a natural beauty and wrinkle.

"Anti -Cancer Anti -Cancer": The coix seed ester contained in barley rice not only has a nourishing effect on the human body, but also has a certain anti -cancer effect. It can effectively inhibit Ai’s ascites cancer cells. It is very good for gastric and cervical cancerPrevention and control effect.

[Effect of Nourishing] Coix rice has the effects of strengthening spleen and diuretic, dampness, hydration, clearing heat and exhausting pus, clearing and humidity and humidity.Although the barley is cold and does not hurt the stomach, strengthen the spleen and not greasy.It can be used to treat spleen and stomach weakness, cardiac edema, chronic enteritis, lung heat cough, tuberculosis, pulmonary abscess, athletes, appendicitis, rheumatoid pain, arthritis, unfavorable urination, muscle clonic and other diseases.

● Nutrition file

The nutritional value of barley rice is very high. Among the barley rice, the protein is 17.6 grams, and the vitamin B1 33 micrograms.

Because barley contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, it has the effect of promoting metabolism and reducing gastrointestinal burden, and can be used for food supplements in or after disease.

Frequently eating barley food is effective for chronic enteritis and indigestion.Barley can enhance renal function and can clear heat and diuretic, so it also has curative effect on edema patients.

Modern pharmacological studies have proved that barley has the effect of anti -cancer and can be used for auxiliary therapy for gastric and cervical cancer.Healthy people often eat barley, which can make the body easily and reduce the probability of tumor onset.

Barley contains vitamin E. It is a beauty food. Frequent food can keep the skin’s skin’s delicate luster, eliminate acne, stains, improve skin tone, and have a certain treatment effect on virus infection.

Barley is rich in vitamin B, which can prevent beriberi.

● The crowd should avoid

[Suitable crowd] Patients who are suitable for chronic ulcers and diarrhea, various cancer patients, arthritis patients, and various wart patients are consumed.

[Uncomfortable crowd] Women should avoid eating early.

● How to eat the healthier

It is best to soak the barley for 2 hours and then boil it with high heat.Do not need to put alkali to avoid destroying vitamins.

Slightly fry the barley and soak in water to drink tea, which can be wet in the exhaust.

Cooking soup in the summer and autumn and melon in the summer and autumn of melon can not only be eaten for meals, but also clear the heat and dampness.

Boil fresh milk and mix with coix seed powder in an appropriate amount. Frequent food can keep the skin shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, freckles, elderly spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots.

Symphrisy with japonica rice porridge, consume daily, can replenish righteousness, strengthen the stomach, eliminate edema, and treat rheumatism for a long time.

200 grams of barley, soak for 2 hours first, 20 grams of Codonopsis, 50 grams of jujube, cooked porridge, can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

200 grams of barley, soak for 2 hours, cook porridge until rigid, plus lilies, fresh lotus, white radish, rock sugar, and cook for 20 minutes into porridge to clear the lungs and relieve cough.

The barley is cold and sweet.The taste is sweet into the spleen, light and damp, cool and heat.Keep the spleen nourishing yin, light profits and dampness, and swelling.The heat of clearing qi, the wetness of the middle coke, transporting the spleen to nourish the kidneys, sparse the bladder, develop gas machines, emit depression, combine the middle focus, sparse intestinal tract.It is mostly used for spleen deficiency and dampness, wet evil storage, or humidity and heat retention of the limb joints caused by humidity and heat.

Symphony is sweet, peaceful, sweet into the spleen, light and dampness, specializing in the spleen meridian, strengthening the spleen and dampness, appetizing and awakened the spleen.The spleen is happy and wet, and the sweetness can be harmonious. While the dampness and the spleen of the spleen can be improved at the same time as the spleen of the spleen, it can make the water valley’s slightly clear yang rising to reach the lungs and the spleen to promote the lungs.Make Mizuka’s exquisite clearing in the dirty organs and maintain the life activity of the body.The turbidity in the turbidity passes through the large intestine through the descending of the lungs and excretes the body.This product is sweet and peaceful. It first enters the stomach, promotes the stomach, and then enters the spleen. Through the spleen and the evaporation of the spleen, the liver is leaked, the lungs, the acceptance of the stomach, and the process of the spleen.In order to complete the effects of the spleen and dampness of this medicine, the lightness and dampness, the dampness and dampness of the dampness, the nourishing qi, and the hemorrhage of the gas.This product and the stomach fall, there is no bias, and the spleen and dampness will not hurt the disadvantages.This taste is sweet and peaceful. In order to defend the spleen and stomach of the middle, it protects and improves the medium -scoring gas, the fluid, and the subtle leak.Although the medicine is bland and its medicinal power is magnificent, it can promote the dual supplementation of each internal organs meridians, and the qi and yin are the same. It is the best product of Jiao Ping.


Barley contains 8 amino acids necessary for the human body.Due to the rich nutrition of barley, the elderly, maternal, and children are better medicinal foods for patients with long -term illness and post -disease recovery period, which can be eaten frequently.Whether for nourishing or cure, the role is more ease, slightly cold and not hurting the stomach, nourishing the spleen without nourishing, nutrition is better than other cereals.Eating more barley in midsummer can replenish physical consumption at high temperature in time to enhance immunity.

healthy diet

Symphony of barley: Symphony is slightly cold. People with cold constitution can choose to eat stir -fry barley. People with hot constitution can cook directly.The use of barley medicine also needs to pay attention to the method of consumption: strengthen the spleen and stomach, should be used for stir -fry; the water is wet, the heat is clear, the heat is clear, and the muscles should be used.

The anti -cancer effect of barley: barley is seen as a typical "anti -cancer food", because the barley ester and linoleic acid in barley are very important anti -cancer components.Clinically, it is generally recommended that tumor patients use 30 ~ 50 grams of raw barley rice, soak in water for 3 to 4 hours, and cook them 2 times a day. Even for several months, they can play a more obvious auxiliary therapeutic effect.

Symphony can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy: The barley oil in the barley can prevent or reduce transverse muscle contracture. Fat oil can reduce serum calcium and blood sugar amount, and have the effects of solving heat, sedation, and analgesic.Therefore, barley decoction not only has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer cells, but also reduces the toxic and side effects of chemotherapy and chemotherapy.

Choose storage

The barley is better, with fewer grains, strong impurities and pink dandruff, and it is better to have fresh atmosphere.

The storage of barley needs to be installed in a covered with sealing, and stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry place.


Barley + shiitake mushrooms: Shiitake mushrooms are sweet, phlegm and qi, spleen and dampness, clearing heat and pus, both anti -cancer products.

Symphony + Tremella: Barley is eaten with Tremella that nourishes yin and nourish the stomach, nourishing the stomach, which can nourish Shengjin.Frequent food can treat symptoms such as weak spleen and stomach, lung and gastric yin deficiency.

Barley + winter melon: Summer and autumn barley and melon boiled soup can be eaten for meals, but also clear the heat and dampness.

Barley + red dates: Drinking barley and red dates soup, which can promote blood circulation, reduce the butterfly spots on the face or dark stagnation after giving birth.


Barbarian + spinach: Barley should not be eaten with spinach. Symphony is rich in calcium, iron, dietary fiber and other substances. Once combined with high spinach containing vitamin C, metal ions can easily oxidize vitamin C and lose their nutritional value.

Symnoma + kelp: When it comes to the iron in the kelp, it will hinder the absorption of vitamin E in the barley.

main reference

Zhang Huaping’s "Food Health Nutrition and Food Encyclopedia" [M] Nanchang: Jiangxi Science and Technology Publishing House, 2013,4.

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