Baoma Kaogong

Seeking work in the system is becoming the choice of more and more young mothers in small cities.They often receive higher education. After giving birth, they want to return to society and collect more resources other than their families.For full -time mothers, the test and test compilation of work experience is particularly friendly.Under the dual pressure of preparation and parenting, Baoma also faced unprecedented challenges.


The door of the test room was wide, and the cold wind rolled in the tide echoed, smashed on the face and drilled into the clothes.Xia Lin sat in the front row, her fingers were cold, and she was somewhat unstable. The words were crooked.It is even more unbearable than air -conditioning. When she came to the civil servant exam, she just gave birth to a child for 33 days.

As soon as the exam was over, the candidates poured out from the test room. Xia Lin held her breasts with her small arm and trot to the toilet.The wound of the cesarean section surgery has a torn feeling.Her breasts rose as hard as stones, and she gently tied like a needle.Due to the greater secretion of milk and blocked the mammary pipe, Xia Lin needs to squeeze milk every two hours.I did n’t squeeze in the morning, my breasts were already overwhelmed, and I was afraid I would have a fever if I did n’t squeeze anymore.

After lining up in the cold wind for 20 minutes, he finally got into the toilet.She was knocked on the door twice, and she quickly apologized and did not want to say that she was milk.After squeezing her milk, she left her head and left in a hurry, and she didn’t want to contact her eyes.As if you are a alien.

As a new mother, while taking care of the children and preparing to take the exam, Xia Lin’s life was arranged in an unprepared.She has been in the exam for seven consecutive years, and after giving birth to her child, Xia Lin has participated in the public examination.After becoming a mother, this task became more difficult, and she could only see the test in the childcare.

Picture | Charlin’s desk

During that time, Xia Lin got up at six in the morning to take a bath for her daughter, feeding milk once every two or three hours.The daughter is a bit larger and needs to prepare supplementary food.When the daughter can climb, she must mop and wipe the furniture every day. I have to stare at all times, for fear of bumping.After her daughter spoke, she had another early education course.Every day, her daughter fell asleep, and she was exhausted. After picking up the book a few minutes, she was dizzy. She jumped her career when she looked at it. She always slept unknowingly.

In the seven years of Kao Gong, Xia Lin has been interviewed several times, and still defeats again and again, making her increasingly unconfident.In the past three years, she watched the score line by 20 points and rose to more than 130 points, and she has been stuck in 120 points.

What Xia Lin wants to face is increasingly fierce competition.Data show that the number of national examination applicants in 2022 reached 2.026 million, an increase of 514,000 compared with the same period last year, an increase of 34%.In 2023, the number of national examination applicants exceeded 2.5 million, with a maximum competition ratio of over 5800: 1.In addition to the exam, the popularity of the test compilation is high, and the competition in the system has reached a new high.

For many young women in small cities, they have received higher education and the best way to return to society after fertility. They often enter the system.In the small city’s restricted employment environment, the preparation of work experience is relatively friendly to Baoma, and Baoma chooses to take the exam.Under the dual tasks of balanced testing and parenting, they also need to experience difficult challenges.

The idea of Ding Pingjiu appeared in the third year of her full -time housewife after half a year after her daughter was born.For the first time in 2015, Ding Ping’s written test was only 0.01 points and entered the interview.The husband’s sentence "You must not work, don’t prepare it", let Ding Ping give up the interview.More than a month later, she suddenly received an interview notice. There was no prepared attack, in exchange for the unsatisfactory results.

At the beginning of the exam, Ding Ping accidentally conceived his second child.The family did not support her to prepare for the exam under her pregnancy. Ding Ping insisted on using the free time to see the information and brush the questions.When she was three months pregnant, she vomited.Later, I almost couldn’t turn over, and my hands and feet were often inconvenient to move because of edema.

After the son was born, the two children were less than two years old. It was time to spend energy, and Ding Ping’s test plan was put on hold again.It wasn’t until her son’s half -year -old that she picked up the book again and borrowed 20,000 yuan to sign up for the tuition class in the county.

The tuition class has a driver of more than twenty minutes from home. It takes eight hours a day, two hours of lunch break, and three hours of late self -study is free.Ding Ping often rushed home to breastfeed during lunch break, and the time of self -study was also used to accompany the child.Seeing that others were studying every day, Ding Ping felt extremely disturbed, and took children to hang the knowledge points that had not been memorized.

Moms could not be fully prepared for the exam, and the process of absence of parenting always made them anxious.Many young mothers can easily show their guilt of their children when sharing their experience in preparation.

In the days of the test, Ding Ping often locked himself in the study of the attic. One day was to give the two children to his mother and mother -in -law.As soon as she saw her on the stairs, she cried, and climbed up the stairs to scratch the door. Ding Ping heard sour nose.After a few years, she still felt guilty.Her husband even accused her of forgetting "the duty of a wife and mother."

Before a test, Ding Ping went to Qufu to participate in centralized training.Before getting in the car, the two children cried and cracked, and Ding Ping almost burst into tears.After she left, her daughter shouted "looking for a mother" for a few days in a row.Ding Ping made up his mind that he must go ashore to be worthy of this sacrifice.

In the small county where Ding Ping lives, the number of people in the test has risen years.There are more than 400 tuition classes where she is located. There are several such large tuition classes.Most of the young people in the class are just graduated, and many of them have come from outside. There is only one mother like Ding Ping.

The training class has a bad condition. The six people are crowded in a dormitory. There is only one toilet on the first floor, and there is no partition between the pits.Ding Ping was always hit by others when milk. The other party first showed a shocking expression, then walked down and whispered with his companions.Although she was the mother of the two children, Ding Ping still felt a kind of shame in the eyes of the public.

After giving birth, Ding Ping felt that his memory and physical strength were declining. The content that could be memorized in two or three times when he was in school.She feels desperate, "Whether it is time or energy, they can’t be younger than young people."

Small town restricted

For Bao moms, not only to find a stable job in the system, they will consider more for the families.Test the test and editors allow women to have more time to take care of their children and provide children with better educational resources.

Liang Qian, 31, has ended with failure in the past two years.As soon as the wedding ended in December 2020, she began to prepare for the Fujian civil servant examination in March in the next year, and was also preparing for pregnancy.It was expected that after passing the examination, she was exactly the leave of maternity leave, but half a month after her marriage, she detected pregnancy.

After the maternity leave, Liang Qian returned to the law firm. The previous leader took the test and left ashore. The company turned her from an assistant to a lawyer, which means that there is no base salary, and she can only rely on a lawsuit to get a promise.Through the problem of developing customers, Liang Qian’s income also decreased.

Liang Qian counted a account. The child’s milk powder was 1,600 yuan in January, and the complementary food was 1,500 yuan in January.Husband’s monthly income is in the early 10,000, and the monthly basic expenses are removed, which basically can’t save money.After losing a fixed salary, Liang Qian even needed to pay five insurances and one fund.Under the pressure of increasing life, she decided to take the test.

Figure | Liang Qian daily brush questions

Liang Qian was born in a small county in Anhui. His parents were all businessmen. Since childhood, she told her to be the benefits of being civil servants: stable, good welfare, and respected.Since then, civil servants have become her ideal career.

In the years of being a lawyer, Liang Qian was often reprimanded by judges and prosecutors at work, and they looked at her high.She hopes that she can be a prosecutor, so she does not have to surge.The work of a lawyer no longer makes her passion. Many customers don’t care about her professional ability. When they come up, they ask her if it has a relationship in the procuratorate and court. "It is difficult to get a sense of value in this profession."

After becoming a mother, the stability of civil servants has increased to Liang Qian.Through some friends who worked in the court and the procuratorate, Liang Qian gradually outlined the beautiful pictures of civil servants: without overtime, do not need to develop customers by themselves, do not have to worry about being fired, and children can also go to the designated public school.

When the uncertainty of the environment is highlighted, private enterprises are no longer a resort for young people to be shortlisted, and stable preparations have become more attractive than uncertain opportunities.

The direct purpose of Xia Lin Kao is to change the survival situation of the family.She was born in the countryside in the suburbs of Shanghai. Grandpa and grandma were blind. Her parents were ordinary grassroots workers.Xia Lin’s growth process has always been accompanied by the shadow of being bullied.

The neighbor’s woman suffers from mental illness. When the disease occurs, she always curses, splash dung, and smashes the door at Xia Lin’s family. Parents have asked the town government many times and only in exchange for one sentence: "Who let you live in front of her house."Xia Lin heard that there are civil servants in the village, who will do things fast.She is determined to be a useful person to protect her family. Kaogong is the most effective way she thinks.

Figure | Xia Lin’s parents’ door was splashed on the door of the house

After graduating from a 211st university, Xia Lin took his head into the exam and compiled his career. After three years of hard work, he successfully went ashore and became a staff member of a township government in Shanghai.At the same time, she did not give up preparing for the civil servant examination, which was a must in her life list.

After the birth of the child, Kao Gong is a realistic consideration for survival.The Xialin family lives in the suburbs of Shanghai and needs to pay 6,000 yuan a month. The daughter’s early education lesson also costs three or five thousand a month, and her life seems to be a melting gold furnace.Xia Lin thought that the income was at least higher than now.

Through the tigers to work in Shanghai, it also means that she can find a better public school for her daughter.Xia Lin, who grew up in rural Shanghai, studied hard and finally entered a 211 university.After entering the school, she found that she was very different from classmates in the urban area, and the disadvantage of starting lines determined their destiny.When I was distressed by my college in English III II exams, I heard that my classmates passed TOEFL and IELTS; when their lives were filled in, the students were immersed in a wide range of extra -curricular life and hobbies.

Xia Lin feels that she is a "town as a questioner", except that the exam seems to have no skills.The gap between her and her classmates was determined by uneven educational resources from the beginning.Sending her daughter from the countryside into the city, Kao Gong is a convenient channel.

There are not many choices for full -time mothers to enter the society. They do not require professional examinations and compilations.Moreover, the job opportunities of small cities are limited to young women who have received higher education.

Ding Ping, who has been a full -time mother for three years, was suddenly promoted to society in a turbulent life.When her daughter was born, the husband’s children’s toy store was in a bleak operation. There was no income for a whole year. The family only rely on her mother -in -law’s pension to maintain her life, and her life was quite difficult.

Once with friends, Ding Ping proposed to make east.During the payment, she did not make enough 100 yuan through her pocket, so she had to ask her friends to invite.The embarrassment brought by the poor cannot be covered like a tide.Buying clothes for your daughter should compare several prices. When you look at clothes, you secretly turn out the price card.

Long -term isolated from society, Ding Ping couldn’t help reflect on the value of himself.When meeting with her husband’s friend, Ding Ping obviously felt that the wife who had a work was even more popular, and he was neglected.What is even more disturbed is that when the child grows up, she asked her to work, how should she speak?

Ding Ping carefully examined his own conditions: after many years of graduation, there is still no skills; the principal needs the principal to do business, and the family cannot support it.Most of the options in the small county are the service industry, such as shopping guides in shopping malls or supermarkets, generally salary is only about 2,500 yuan.Ding Ping feels that he has a bachelor’s degree, and it is a pity not to be a cultural position. Moreover, it is too long to take care of the children.

Thinking about it, it is suitable, both stable and "decent", leaving only the preparation of the system.

The restraint of the mother

For Bao moms, getting a stable job in the small town can regain the family status and change the embarrassing situation of long -term lack of social life. This is a satisfaction that other tasks are difficult to bring.

In the third year of the examination, Ding Ping successfully went ashore, and the unit was only 20 minutes away from home.There was no salary in the trial period in the first three months, and the first salary was received in the fourth month.She took a few hundred yuan to buy new clothes for the two children, and the others were stored.Then repaid the debt borrowed during the test period in one year, and the stones in my heart finally landed.

She is no longer afraid of meeting with friends, no longer taboo to talk to people, and becomes more likely to clean up herself, and her relationship with her husband also eases.After a husband’s wine, he even said to her, "Why are you so good? Did you look down on me after passing?"

Liang Qian was also trapped by the identity of a full -time mother.Before going to the law firm, she took a year at home and felt that she gradually decoupled with society.I do n’t see my friends, there is no social, and I turn around the children all day. The scope of the activity is limited to the community and know nothing about the outside world.Over time, Liang Qian felt that she had symptoms of depression.She is determined to have a career before the age of thirty.

Two consecutive tests failed, Liang Qian decided that he had been out of production from November and no longer took the case and concentrated on preparing for the exam.Go to the library to read books during the day. The time of studying is guaranteed for 8 or 9 hours. After waiting for the child to fall asleep at night, I read the book. From 22:00 to 1:00 am.

Picture | Where Liang Qian learns

Give up from the category of Liang Qian’s consideration. She intends to get the exam until she can’t take the test. "Even if I can’t get it in the end, I will go to the career editor, bank or state -owned enterprise."

Family support or not, to a large extent determines the ending of the Baoma.Before women need to bear more social awareness of parenting responsibility, they have always been difficult to move under the restraint of their mothers.

Xia Lin, who is still working in the township government, realized that without her husband’s support, it is difficult for her to achieve the outbound test.In the seven -year test years, her husband has always showed his dissatisfaction with Xia Lin: "I haven’t been admitted for so many years. I must not be admitted. You don’t have that ability, you might as well take a lot of money to bring children."

Xia Lin has long disagreed with her husband’s responsibility for sharing parenting for herself.Shortly after the child was born, the husband would get up in the middle of the night and feed the child.When the child was half a year old, the husband gradually pulled out.Sometimes I ca n’t be busy. Xia Lin asked her husband to set up a handle, but as soon as he hugged his daughter, his daughter cried, and he shoved his daughter back. "You see, the child likes you more."

Later, the husband simply bluntly said: "You are a career editor, the work is relatively leisurely, you share more at home, don’t expect me too much, I will focus on work more." Xia Lin was very disgusted with this, but I did n’t know how to refute.Working in a foreign company, the annual income is 50,000 more than yourself, it seems that there is a reason to say that.

Now that her daughter is three years old, the main task of learning and playing with her is still Xia Lin’s personality. The husband only does some housework after get off work.Sometimes, Xia Lin felt particularly exhausted. She asked her husband: "Why do you take the child out to play with me every time?" Husband replied, "Isn’t it all his mother going out to play with the child? I don’t think I have something wrong with"

Xia Lin simply gave up the game. She even thought that because her father was not strong in the process of having a child, it was difficult to produce a sense of responsibility like a mother. Moms were always more likely to be softened by the child’s needs.

Xia Lin, who is now 31 years old, intends to pass the age red line, and never give up before that.It’s just that sometimes she thinks that if time can go backwards, she must be desperately admitted to civil servants before getting married and having children.

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