Bao Ma sharing: Can I make up during pregnancy?

We are a woman, no matter at all times, we want to dress up in the future ~

Even when you are pregnant!

In the past two days, there are a few Baoma discussing such a topic in the group”Can I use cosmetics during pregnancy?” “

The answers are different.

Because Guoguo Matta’s skin is not very good, and usually goes out, so he doesn’t care about non -makeup Guoguo Ma Ma.

But some of them mentioned this topic, I found some information, and I will share with everyone here, hoping to help everyone.

Can you make up first pregnancy?The answer is, can!

However, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. When choosing cosmetics, we need to choose some skin care products with pure natural plant essence.

In fact, many big -name skin care products and cosmetics contain a large amount of lead, mercury, pigment, preservatives, hormones, etc.These things have a certain impact on both pregnant women and fetuses.

So we must be careful when choosing skin care products and cosmetics!

When choosing skin care products, pay attention to the characteristics of skin care products: natural, safety, professionalism, effectiveness, basic.

Why is this?

Of course, these products do not contain heavy metals, alcohol, hormones, mineral oils, chemical preservatives and chemical spices!

2. We should choose some skin care products and cosmetics with our skin, and we cannot follow the trend blindly.

Because the skin of each pregnant woman is different, some pregnant women have dry skin and need to hydrate.Some pregnant women have greasy skin and need to remove greasy.Some of them need to be whitening because of the dark skin tone.

So when we choose, we must choose according to our skin status.

3. When buying skin care products and cosmetics, pay attention to some ingredients of cosmetics and skin care products!

Which ingredients of cosmetics and skin care products are taboos for pregnant women to choose cosmetics?Hydrogen hydrogen -hydrogen and tetracycline vitaminic acid and salicylic acid dihydroxydalopate retinol -collar phenyl -collar phenyl acid salt

4. Pregnant women disable cosmetics.

Hair dye

Hair -dye not only causes skin cancer, but also causes breast cancer, leading to fetal malformations, so pregnant women should not use hair dye.

Chilled perfection

After pregnant women are pregnant, not only the hair is very fragile, but it is also easy to fall off. If you use chemical cold perm, it will also exacerbate your hair.


Lipstick is composed of various oils, waxes, pigments, and spices. Among them, this fat generally refers to wool fat.

In addition to the heavily, the heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body can be adsorbed in the air. It can also adsorb E. coli into the fetus, and there is a certain permeability.

After pregnant women apply lipstick, some of the harmful substances in the air are easier to be adsorbed on the mouth, and the saliva invades the body, causing the fetus in the pregnant woman’s abdomen.

Freckle cream

Anti -freckle cream contains mercury, and mercury is a heavy metal that is harmful to human health.

Long -term use of mercury cosmetics, which is also seriously harmful to the nerves, digestive tract, and urinary systems of the human body.

Everyone has the beauty of beauty. During the pregnancy, the beautiful mothers must pay attention to choosing skin care products ~

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