Bao Ma, don’t take "pregnancy vomiting" improperly, vomiting is really terrible, 6 small tricks to help your mother relieve

It is said that women are really great. Whether they are dying personality or all the ordeal in the world, they can overcome them one by one.After they were mothers, they were able to insist on conceiving in October, spend the ten -month difficult period, and finally give birth to the child in the end.All these are really women’s particular greatness and strength.Because for those who are pregnant, their whole pregnancy is actually very difficult.

At the beginning, it may be the problem of pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers even spit until the third trimester.

And because the child continues to grow in the body, it will open up the mother’s internal organs, squeeze the mother’s internal organs together, and will also oppress the mother’s pelvis.Urine frequent urination, in short, there are many troubles.

Although it is said that pregnancy is not one of the things that all pregnant mothers will experience, it is really pregnant and not sick for those who can vomit.

When I was pregnant, my mother should supplement a lot of nutrition, and even some mothers would gain a lot of weight, but for mothers who would vomit, as long as they could eat it, they were very remarkable, let alone gain weight.

Some mothers can not eat well during pregnancy, and they will be thinner, but in order to ensure that the child’s nutritional needs have to eat, they have to eat while eating. They are really bad for the mother’s stomach.

And this may also be because of the changes in hormone in his body during pregnancy, and the child’s body shape is squeezed into his stomach, so the pregnant mother has the phenomenon of pregnancy.But is there any better way to help pregnant mothers alleviate pregnancy?

Because it is impossible to vomit all the time, it hurts the throat if the spit is always hurt, and it is not conducive to the nutrition absorption of the fetus.So let’s share a few small ways to help pregnant mothers to relieve pregnancy.

1. Do not be hungry for pregnant women, you can eat less and eat less

Pregnant mothers must remember that you can’t say that when you have the desire to eat, you start to eat. In this case, it is actually very not good for your acceptance and absorption of these foods, because when your stomach is emptyEat when you eat.It will cause your blood sugar to change, and then it will easily cause pregnancy.

Therefore, it is recommended that all mothers often put some fruits and snacks at home during pregnancy, and eat a little from time to time.But eat a little less every time.

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