Ballad: Can’t you raise cats when you are pregnant?Zhong Nanshan said: It is best to raise a cat for pregnant women, and the sooner the better

A epidemic has caused the hearts of the people across the country. Fortunately, the epidemic has improved at this moment, especially with Zhong Nanshan sitting, we believe that the epidemic will have the day when the epidemic will end!

Academician Zhong Nanshan can be described as the first -person resistance in China. In 2003, he was the hero who fight against SARS. Now he is a new coronary virus pneumonia in 2020. Zhong Lao once again dressed and went to the front line to fight to the end.

Listening to Academician Zhong Nanshan’s words, Da Meow also lives at home as a good baby. Occasionally, I saw CCTV’s documentary about Zhong Nanshan’s documentary "Not Old Life · Zhong Nanshan".The shit officer’s big meow still found the highlight ~

That is, in the room of Zhong Nanshan, I saw the bag of cat food, and the cat rice bowl placed on the ground!

Little friends!Especially those friends who want to raise cats but their family members do not agree, do they see hope?Even Zhong Nanshan has begun to raise cats. What are the reasons for parents to stop?~ And Da Meow personally thinks that Zhong Lao cats should give a loud slap to those who shouted to cats, dogs and dogs during the epidemic period.Rumor!

In fact, it is not a novel thing about Zhongnan Bobo’s cat raising. Last year, Academician Zhong Nanshan gave advice to raising cats for pregnant women in a show, and said that the sooner the pregnant women raised cats, the better.Cats can bring great benefits to pregnant women and abdomen!

And in the lecture of "Healthy 100fun" in Guangzhou TV, Academician Zhong Nanshan made it clear that the frequency of allergic respiratory diseases such as asthma in children in cities has increased. It is recommended that parents of children can raise pets in parents and allow children to adapt to contact earlier contact with contact with contact with contacts earlier to adapt to contact.Allergens, avoid illness afterwards.And through data, the incidence of rural children is much lower than urban children. The reason is that the living environment of urban children is too clean, and there is no way to contact and adapt to various allergies!

New coronary virus excretes home to raise animals

This is also a good news of all shoveling officers. At the press conference of the State Council on February 15, the Department of Social Development Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology stated that after comparing the samples collected by the South China Seafood market, this epidemic was likely to be the epidemic.It is related to the trading of wild animals and can initially exclude the possibility of new coronary viruses from domestic animals!

In simple terms, this epidemic is caused by the sale of wild animals, which has nothing to do with domestic animals!

In addition, the World Health Organization has once again emphasized that there is no evidence at present, which can indicate that home -raising can infect new coronary viruses!Some shoveling officers also made masks for cats, worried that cats would be infected with viruses. The World Health Organization said that this is a completely unnecessary behavior!

Recently, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association has released the relevant consulting guide for [New Coronatte Virus and Partner Pets]. It is recommended that the shovel officers who are in the epidemic period can adopt the following principles:

1. Let pets stay at home to accompany the owner, try to go out as little as possible or not.

2. Be sure to ensure that cats live indoors.

3. If a family needs to be hospitalized, you must take care of your pets properly!

4. Do not listen to rumors, first consult a professional pet doctor!

In fact, not only Academician Zhong Nanshan, many celebrities in ancient and modern China and foreign countries are typical cat controls!For example, the rare genius Einstein first, he has a very classic photo that he looks like his tongue. It is said that this action is learning the cat!

Einstein named his cat named "Tiger". This cat is very personal and hates rainy days.Einstein was unhappy every time I saw Tmall, so I said to it, "I know you are like this, but my dear brother, I really can’t think of the rain!"Dent!

Because Apple found that Newton, who found the law of gravity, is actually a cat -loving family. Every time he work, his cat will come to call the door, so Newton has played a "literacy" of a professional shovel officer and interrupted the work to open the door to the cat.Later, Newton thought a way to open a small hole on the door to let the cat go freely.This is also the earliest "cat hole".

Later, Einstein also borrowed this method, but his cats were large and small, fat and thin, so Einstein drilled a large and two holes on the door to take care of the shape of different cats.By the way, such shoveling officers are too cute ~

In fact, even the leader of a country will surrender to the face of the cat.The Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty was extremely sophisticated about sucking cats!In order to allow you to sucked cats at any time, he has established a "cat house". He found three or four people to serve their cats, and even set up official positions for cats!

When the love cat died, Emperor Jiajing also ordered the person to create a pure golden coffin, buried the cat in Wanshou Mountain, standing on the stone monument, and engraved with the three characters "虬 Longzuka".A bachelor named "Yuan Wei" saw the emperor deeply loved the cat, so he wrote an article specifically "shooting cat farts". I did not expect that they really added officials to enjoy glory and wealth!Today, the cat’s tombstone is gone, but there is still the dragon and cypress standing in Jingshan Park.

The famous British Prime Minister Churchill is also an out -of -the -box cat slave. He has raised a black cat, a orange cat, and a cow cat, and even with a cat to attend many important occasions!

When Churchill was 88 years old, his secretary gave him a orange cat. Churchill loved this orange cat and made a will and said that his former residence must always raise a orange cat!And must be orange, white chest and white paw, and always call the name "Joker". Now this orange cat in Churchill’s former residence is dead Joeck VI!

And the most poetic cat slave in ancient China is true!While drinking the cat, he wrote more than ten poems for the cat.The most famous one is the most famous phrase "the stream firewood is warm, and I can’t go out with the raccoon". Is there a similar situation to your current situation?

Even if the cat loves from ancient times to the present, it is not necessary to throw the pot to the cat’s body if there is anything. This pot is not back!Let’s take the hairy child at home, together with Academician Zhong Nanshan, fight pneumonia, eliminate the virus, and shatter the rumors with actual actions!

Topics today: What reasons have you said in order to prevent you from raising cats?If you tell his family about the raising cats of Academician Zhong Nanshan, what will they have?Let’s see the comment area!

I am Zhang Da Meow, a super -loved hard -core shit officer!

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