Bad emotion can cause gynecological diseases to start with a flirtatious ambition

The girlfriend has a bad face and a bad mood recently. I also said that because the old accompanying children did their homework, only two days came to menstruation, and I could n’t get the second child … Can I really have such serious health consequences? Chinese medicine experts can really have such serious health consequences? TCM experts of traditional Chinese medicine experts?It is said that bad sentiments can really cause disease, and learn to reduce pressure and listen to music.


The 18 -year -old girl suddenly menopause after college entrance examination

When a girl who was just 18 years old came to Gu Shengtang experts and chief physician Li Xiaobin, a gynecological doctor, had menopause: the follicles were exhausted, and the ovaries have shrunk.She said that since the end of the college entrance examination for more than 3 months, she has not had menstruation.Li Xiaobin believes that the huge pressure on college entrance examinations, staying up late review, and long -term tension, thoughts, depression, poor rest, etc., resulting in severe disorders of the girl’s liver and spleen, premature ovarian failure, and triggering serious consequences of "amenorrhea" at the age of 18.

A young infertile female white -collar worker shows normal inspections, but they can’t conceive their children.After many years of attempt, the two couples decided not to force themselves.When she was preparing to do "IVF", she found that she was pregnant.Li Xiaobin said that without heavy pressure, it was easy to conceive.

Another patient, 8 years after uterine muscle tumor has been very good.But three months after her husband died, her uterine fibroids suddenly recurred and quickly grew from 1 cm to 5 cm.Li Xiaobin said that extreme sadness led to emotional anxiety and depression, and lesions recurred.


Gynecological diseases

It has a great relationship with emotion

Li Xiaobin said that gynecology has a lot to do with emotional illness.

"The sentiment can really cause disease, and the seven emotions of people include joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, and shock. Excessive seven emotions will cause disease!" Li Xiaobin introduced, the anger, depression hurt the liverExcessive spleen, sadness overwhelm lungs, and fear of kidney.

Emotional will also lead to gynecological diseases. Because gynecological diseases and human liver, spleen and kidney are very close, the most vulnerable emotion is liver and spleen.Furious, as the name suggests, is often losing his temper and anger. This will cause liver qi transmission. If the liver qi stagnation is long, it will cause disease, such as breast hyperplasia, breast cancer, chocolate cysts, uterine fibroids, etc.If you think too much, you will damage the spleen and stomach, manifested as appetite and poor digestion.In addition, liver qi stagnation can also hurt the spleen and have a great impact on gynecology.

Li Xiaobin reminded that women’s health, beauty, and breeding are closely related to the age of the ovary.The age and actual age of normal women are basically corresponding, that is, they can be used at about 49 years (menopause).The pressure of work, staying up late, and bad mood will consume follicles, resulting in premature ovarian failure and less menstruation."So, bad emotions must be found to vent, you can sing, exercise, yoga, qigong (meditation) and other methods. If you have serious anxiety, you must go to treatment!"


Five -sound treatment

The corresponding music is pleasing to the body and mind

Emotional disease hurts the five internal organs, and traditional Chinese medicine also has ancient five sounds to cure diseases.According to Li Xiaobin, ancient music has five sounds, and the five -element attributes of the five sounds are: wood (horns), fire (signs), earth (palace), gold (commercial), water (feather), wood, fire, gold, earth, water, water, waterThe five elements pass the liver, heart, lung, spleen, and kidney.In response to the internal organs and meridians of the symptoms, the relationship between the five elements between the yin and yang and the five elements of the yin and yang can choose the corresponding music to treat the physical and mental illness caused by social psychological factors.

For example, insomnia, neurasthenia can listen to the kind, warm, tunes, and slow and stable music before going to bed, such as "Ping Sand Falling Goose" and "Candle Shadow Red", etc., with peace of mind and calmness; rightThe palpitations and dizziness caused by primary hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc., can choose music with leisurely and slow rhythm; liver qi stagnation, anger and liver disease and other liver and gallbladder diseases should be selectedInsufficient listening to "Happy Meeting" and "Hundred Birds to the Phoenix"; Thinking of the spleen and spleen, the spleen and stomach discomfort can be optional, such as "Autumn Lake Moon Night" and "Bird Vote Forest";Cough asthma caused by Xuanluo, optional adjustment music, such as "Yangguan Sanzan" and "Yellow River Chorus"; cough and asthma caused by kidney qi deficiency and kidney indifference, you can choose feather mobilization songs, such as "Zhaojun Resentment""Said" and so on.

When treating emotions with five sounds, you can choose the corresponding track according to the principle of the five ideas.For example, music therapy with sad commercial tunes is excited and manic due to anger; use fears feather -style music to treat the illness of the heart of excessive joy and the disease of God;Thinking of excessive expressions and dull diseases; warm, bright, and joyful tuning music therapy due to the lack of sorrow and sorrow, sighing crying diseases from time to time;Unstable, treating their unconscious diseases.

■ New Express reporter Liang Yu Correspondent Xiaogu

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